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7daysbdsmandslash - Discussion and fanfic for 7 Days

Subject: Discussion and fanfic for 7 Days

After seeing Olga's whips and leather dream I had to give life to this. The list is first for BDSM and kinky stories...and slash, of course. Secondly for discussion of the show in all its many faces. Wanna play rough in the 7 Days playground?
All the stories will be considered direct submissions to the multi-fandom/lists list archive, the WWOMB and as such be posted to the list archive unless they include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation
Because this archive handles several hundred lists, I don't have time to notify each writer as their stories go up so I recommend you check the recently added page on the site. If you'd like to submit new stories in other fandoms, you may add them through our automated upload page, which can be found in the Your Account Section. (If you've lost your password, I can resend one.) or join the direct submissions/announcements list Makebelieve or send them to me direcly at and i will post them for you.
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