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sentinel_betas - Sentinel_Betas

Subject: Sentinel_Betas

Beta readers list for Adult/Slash fan fic based on The Sentinel.

I do not anticipate seeing *completed* fic on this list. So, do not join if you are just looking for more fic. I will expect some participation by all members. Not on each post, not on all things. We all have our strong points. All are welcome, as long as you are willing to help!

By joining this list, you are affirming the fact that you are over 18, and understand the subject matter will concern Slash and Adult subjects. Including S.E.X.! GASP!

Posting Stories

Stories under 20k can be posted directly to the list. Longer stories should be divided into parts. We have a posting interface ( that will automatically divide stories into suitable lengths.

Rules and such...

Do not flame. If you see something wrong with a story, that is what we are here for. You state "I think you have a problem here with might want to consider", as opposed to "that crap there will never fly". Even as a joke, okay? We are here to help, not tear down.

In the immortal words of the SG1BadFic list- "authors leave your egos at the door, and bring your favorite books on writing craft along with your tender manuscripts to slaughter. Together we will endeavor to make your badfic betterfic". That sums it up (Thanks CA!)

Be honest. If something doesn't work for a beta reader, state why. And How, if you have any ideas how.

Discussion on types of writing, questions, etc, are more than welcome.

Types of beta' vary greatly. We will hopefully have a little bit of everything for everyone.

Be sure, if sending a story to be beated here, that you state what *kind* of beta you want. Do you just want spelling and grammar? Do you want an over all look-through first? Having particular problems? Tell us!

Have any more ideas to state here (and in the welcome letter?) Write me!


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