Title : Senseless

Author: Cyndra

Pairing : Jesse/Brennan

Disclaimer: Yaddi yadda.

Author's Notes: Some customizations to the MutantXverse.. like I've assumed at some point, MutantX will have to start using lethal weapons, and maybe get used to killing people too. They dont do it as of now do they?

Warning: Also, there's a little bdsm and Slightly non-consensual stuff.. pls be forewarned.

Summary: Jesse's broken up with Brennan. But Brennan never learnt to take no for an answer.

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by Cyndra


We broke up last week.

Well, not "broke up" as in the exact sense of the expression.. its not like we were a couple or something.. naah... Jesse and me.. we
we were just.. fooling around is all. Nightly visits to his chamber that brought immense pleasure to both him and me. By day we were nothing but MutantX.. friends.. teammates .. mutant warriors..
fighting the good fight. And by night we .. we were ... uhh.. well.. fuck-mates! Yeh. Purely physical. No strings attached. Worked like a charm you know.

It was Jesse's idea. To break up that is. The fooling around was mine of course! Can you imagine our Jesse hitting on someone.. let alone a guy? Hah. A total greenhorn that kid was when I got to him.. if you know what I mean. I got him to come out you know.. face another . freakish reality about himself and such. Face it .. accept it .. and Love it. God he was such a prude! I thought I'd changed that but.. guess not.

Dumbass. Says its no good and that he needs a break. Well fine with me! Its not like we were involved or anything. We weren't exclusive, we saw other people. After all, we did have our individual social lives to preserve and pursue .. hey at least I do! Him and me.. we were just .. two.. lonely.. needy teammates.. okay maybe one more needy than the other.. spending some quality time together is all.. at night.. Fucking. Is all.

And what the hell does he mean its no good? Am I not good? Hey.. the name's Mulwray. Brennan Mulwray. Only three-fourths of the human population in this city that's ever come in contact with me has offered to "lay" down his oblique her life for me.. in exchange of a chaste little kiss... oh yeh.. no exaggerating. No sir. And by the way... the rest were either lesbians in case of women or straight in case of men. Or plain GSA agents.

So what's the point? The point is that... hey okay.. I aint perfect but.. I sure saw that look of pure ecstasy on his face more than once I swear. And how about that night when he cried and he told me it was cos he'd never felt that happy before? He wasn't lying..

I'd know it if he would. Then why the hell.. ?

Hey.. its not like I miss him. Whatever gave you that idea? I'm...well.... piqued.. at best. Yeh. I mean just like that he decides he doesn't want me anymore. Bloody locked the door, wouldn't let
me in!

Don't get it. Maybe he got scared that the others would know. Hey I've been totally discreet. Not like it matters to me but it does to him so I made sure of everything. Don't know what got to him.

Don't get me wrong. Jesse's a smart kid. He sees people and I mean really.. sees them you know.. picks up fast. Real smart. And you know what I like most about him? Besides that great bod of course.. well.. the fact that .. he still lets himself be amazed. Its so damn easy to excite him .. to make him happy. Maybe its cos he's still young and has led quite a protected life uptil now. Even here.. at the Sanctuary, Shalimar fusses over him like anything. Adam is always consciously watching out for him. Sure he does that for the rest of us too.. but a wee bit more for Jesse. So anyways.. whats my point?

The point is.. I.. can understand that my .. sudden and ..`slightly' forceful interjection into his seemingly perfect life .. might have left him disorientated and all.. but he really seemed to enjoy it you know.. for the longest time, I thought I was making him.. happy.

Then WHAT man? I'm sure he must have had some legit reasons but trouble is.. he wont tell me what they are. Well okay.. I didn't push much either. Pfffh.. why should I? Its not like I'm desperate or somethin..

And you know what else is weird? The fact that even though our nightly adventures may be kaput.. daytime still requires him and me to be teammates, working and fighting side by side. And he acts like its all okay. Talks like nothing's wrong whatsoever! Sure thats good.. thats the way its supposed to be. MutantX shouldn't ever have to suffer because of our.. personal issues. And I for one, definitely prefer such .. no-strings-attached arrangements you know.. hey..I'm Brennan.. the cool one.

But HIM? Isn't he the sensitive naïve one? How the hell is he all so calm and cool and composed? Going by the time I spent.. boning him.. I can testify to the fact that Jess definitely aint the calm and composed kind.. more the moaning and screamin and someone-gag-me-already kind.

Look at him.

He just.. sits there on his computer and ignores me. I ask some question ..relevant or otherwise.. and he replies in this same deadpan voice without blinking an eyelid. Throws me his pretty smile
when I crack a joke and goes back to watching those flashing red dots on the screen.

Mr. Normal eh?

Oh I aint a Mulwray for nothin. I swear he's trying to get to me. In those.. shabby.. ill-fitting faded jeans and.. dirty unflattering tee... oh yeh.. he's up to something I swear it. Don't believe me?

Okay so how about the fact that he's been dating like crazy? I have seen him out with five girls already this past week and that's four more than the total number of people he saw in the last six months! The only one being me.. might I add. So how do you explain this sudden barrage of women huh?

Yep. No doubt about it.. Jesse's teasin me. Which means its not over yet. Something's still there.. something..


"Almost there Jesse"

Adam was busy keying away his final calculations into the computer while Jesse hovered impatiently about him.

"Relax Jesse. Its only a matter of half an hour more." That was Emma who was helping out Adam in his tasks. Jesse wasn't convinced.

"Easy for you to say when you haven't been injected with an experimental mutation subjugator serum!"

Adam gave him a half-stern half-assuring look which succeeded in stopping Jesse from pacing furiously.

"Jesse sit down you're giving me a headache" That was Emma chiding him and he gave her one of his looks.. upset looks. But he did as he was told and sat down on the hot seat that every member of MutantX was now fully familiar with. He let his legs dangle and drummed the seat with his fingers impatiently.

Jesse was worried alright. What if the serum had adverse side effects? Sure he trusted Adam but .. without his mutant abilities Jesse felt thoroughly prone. Even inside the Sanctuary.

Brennan and Shalimar walked in right then.


"Oh hi Brennan .. you're back!" He'd been away for two days. helping an old friend in trouble. Emma greeted him pleasantly and so did Adam. Jesse looked up.

Brennan caught both the genuine gladness to see him and the hesitation on his face. It excited him. "Hey everyone.. What's going on?"

Adam took off his glasses and turned to them. "We're testing the mutation subjugator serum on Jesse and he's fidgeting."

"Subjugator?" Brennan queried. He didn't know.

Adam began to explain. "Well.. to give you a heads up.. considering how common it is for new
mutants to suddenly start mutating and losing control of their powers.. few weeks ago I started working on developing antidotes for you all so that if.. and when.. this does happen to any of you.. we can arrest it on time."

"But isn't such an antidote unique for every type of mutant?"

"Yes it is. And I happened to start on Jesse's first."

"Lucky me!"

This earned the test subject looks from all four people standing around. Jesse looked like he was sulking.


"Jesse you have to trust me. You will be fine in another .. 25 minutes or so"

"What's wrong with Jesse?" Shalimar was concerned.

"Well, I injected him with half ml of the serum.." Adam held up an innoculator with a small vial attached to it. The vial had a measurement scale printed on it and contained a liquid in beautiful
blue. Adam continued..

"The serum took immediate effect, within two seconds of application.

But since he's not mutating right now, its caused him to lose his mutant abilities temporarily."

"Hopefully Temporarily!"

"Jesse!" Four voices ringing out did nothing to mellow him a bit.

"Actually according to my calculations, his abilities have been neutralized for exactly four hours and six minutes. That's how long it will take for his true genetic make-up to fight the antidote's
normalizing effect and regenerate to its original self. Half ml is the minimum amount Jesse, I cant help it. You'll just have to trust me on this one."

Jesse sighed and nodded. Shalimar went to him and gathered him into her arms. She had always loved him more than anyone else on the team.

He was like a little brother to her. Jesse often teased her by calling her "Mom" but she didn't mind. In fact she kinda liked it.

"Stop worrying Jess, you wont lose your powers"

Jesse smiled at her sweet words. He'd always listen to Shalimar no matter what. He too felt a strange affinity to this woman and would do anything she asked of him. He visibly calmed but..

"No powers eh?"

Brennan was having fun at Jesse's expense. He pretended to guffaw loudly.

"Brennan" Shalimar chided him.

"Ahem!.. so Adam.." Brennan deftly changed the subject though not entirely.

"You sure there will be no side-effects to this..Subjugator?" The stress on the last word clearly exemplified. He looked at Jesse who in turn was pointedly staring at him. They were at it again. Some cat and mouse game where each tried to show the other down, jeer at the other for some reason or another, no matter how silly or how serious it might be. But the response from Adam startled them both equally.

"I hope not"


Adam chuckled. "Relax everyone. I am sure there will be no adverse side-effects of the drug. Jesse I know you might be feeling weak and vulnerable right now, but you don't have to worry okay? Tell me you're okay with this."

Jesse let out a huge breath while Shalimar rubbed his back lovingly. "Yes I am Adam. And anyways its only a matter of.. " looked at his watch.. "23 minutes and .. 24 seconds"

Smiles all around.

"Good. Now you stick around, I have to run some more tests after the stipulated time period is up. I'll be right back." and Adam left the room. Emma left with him.

Shalimar turned to Jesse. "You okay?"

"Yeh Yeh.." Jesse didnt mind being fussed over by Shalimar too much.

But right now, Brennan's presence and his sneering expression were making him edgy.

"Hey why don't you guys freshen up? You just got back from a long trip right?"

Shalimar looked at Brennan and then turned back to Jesse. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay with you?"

Before Jesse could get a word in, Brennan spoke up.. "Oh come on Shal.. Jesse isn't a child. So what he feels a little Weak and Vulnerable right now.." That sneer again. Jesse scowled angrily
at him. Shal had to ask.

"What's up with you guys these days?"

Jesse replied quickly.. a little too quickly. "Nothing that's important enough to discuss Shal.. you go on.. I'll be outta here in no time."

"You sure?"


"Oh-kay" Shalimar turned to walk out. But not before glaring at Brennan who'd made no move to move whatsoever.

When she was gone, Brennan straightened up from where he was leaning against the wall and walked towards the bench where Jesse still sat, his legs dangling. But he wasn't fidgeting anymore. He was deathly still. Brennan was coming towards him.. slowly.. it was like the
world was in slow motion.. until he reached him. And Jesse froze.


Jesse recognized his name being hissed out in that deep baritone voice with such deliberate seduction.. and felt the hairs at the back of his head standing to attention.

"I don't think you've ever looked so tempting all your life Jess. "

His voice dropping to a hoarse whisper with every word as he leaned in .. his face.. his lips.. precariously close to Jesse's.

"I want you.. right here.. right now.. do you know how much I want you? I'm sure you do.."

A hand snaked out to reach under Jesse's tee and gently stroke his abdomen.

Jesse stared blankly into those impassioned brandy brown eyes .. for the longest time, he said nothing. and then he used deadpan."I have a date tonight."

Brennan blinked. Brennan stepped back. His anger welling up at having being rejected once more. But he didn't let it out. He looked sideways to hide the bitter disappointment on his face and was about to turn back when he was delivered a bigger blow.

"With this guy.. we met at the bar Saturday night."

Brennan's voice dropped even further, if that were possible. "Who is it?"

Not like it mattered, but that was all he could think of at that point.

"He's a student of literature at UCLA. Name's Daniel..he's.. he's nice."



Brennan didn't bother to curb his irritation anymore. When he looked at Jesse he saw nothing but a vacant look on his angelic face. A face he wanted to smack real bad right now.

"So this isn't about the gay thing then right?"

Jesse didn't say anything.

"Man what is your Problem? I thought you chickened out cos you didn't wanna be gay. But now I see you Are going out with guys after all. What is your problem with me?"

Jesse still said nothing. He looked at his feet while Brennan exploded.

"What is it about me that repulses you anyway? I'd really like to know Jess cos.. you see its never happened to me before and.. and it might at least turn out be an educational experience for me you know.."

Jesse got up and made to move out. Brennan blocked his way.

"I told you Brennan. Its not working. "

"Why not?"

"How many times do we have to go over this?"

"Lets go once more Jesse.. indulge me" Brennan could be really sarcastic when he wanted to. And right now, he was real motivated.

Jesse glared at him and began."Brennan .things are complicated as it is. In case you forgot, we're
mutants. We're freaks! And.."

"And you don't wanna be a second kind of freak is that it?"

"No! I.. its just. we lead dangerous lives, we're responsible not just for us but for thousands of other people on this planet! And we .. we have to work together.. being involved would only make
things worse.. its.. it might ruin our work relationship. "

"Oh yeh? Enlighten me cos I didn't see us losing any battles or slipping up.. I thought I'd made it crystal clear to you that what we do in our personal time will not affect our professional
responsibilities whatsoever."

"Yes but. "

"But what?"

"Maybe it is.. maybe.. its not possible to separate business from pleasure at all."

"If that ever happens Jesse we can work through it together.. we could.."

"Brennan stop it. I. I don't wanna complicate things any more that's all."
"End of discussion."

Brennan wasn't convinced. But he decided to leave it at that. To hell with this. He turned around and walked out, leaving Jesse to stare after him.


"One short of feeling."


"My thoughts exactly."

Emma was losing it now. Whoever gave the Times crossword the right to be so damn complicated? They're supposed to be easy and predictable the way they've been since only the last century. But no, they just had to go break tradition and make difficult ones to boggle her
brilliant telepathic mind. And whose idea was it to do the stupid crossword anyway? She glared at the electrical stunner sitting next to her.


"What what?"

"You're giving me that look again."

"And what look might that be?"

"THAT look.. that.. says its all your fault and I'm pissed so I'm going to make you feel like there's million ants in your pants using my mutant powers! That look!"

"Oh shut up!" Emma chuckled and threw the magazine at Brennan.

Brennan pretended to duck.

"Not a bad suggestion though.."


And they laughed. Laughter.. friendship.. ease of company.. all this came easily to members of MutantX. They were sitting on top of the stairs to the simulation training area, trying to vile away time while waiting for Shalimar and Jesse. Adam had sent them on a non-routine surveillance round at the new safe house.

"So why did Adam do it?" Brennan asked even as they both peered into the puzzle.

"Adam alone knows what Adam thinks. But ever since a GSA agent tried to expose the mutant underground pretending to be just another mutant in trouble, he's become extra-cautious hence the extra surveillance."

"Yes that sure was a tough one. But like always, Mutant X prevailed! Never fear.. electrical Brennan is here!"

Brennan grinned away like a six year old absolutely pleased with himself. Emma couldn't help laughing at his antics. Boys can be such kids! She raised a hand and brushed away a stray hair from his forehead.

"Of course Brennan we couldn't possibly have done it without you"

Brennan smiled and looked down. Shyly? Naah.. "Actually that's not what I was asking. "

"Then what?"

"I meant why did Adam send Jesse and Shalimar and make Us stay? He could have sent Jesse and me instead.."

Emma looked at Brennan questioningly, and he quickly added.. "..or you and me! Or .. Shalimar and me.. I need some action in life you know. And you could have done this completely asinine crossword with.. with Jesse. He's much better at all this linguistic stuff anyways."

"Hmm that's true.." Emma agreed, looked sideways at Brennan and softly added.. "But I would still have preferred me and Shalimar had gone. That way, you'd get the time you need with . Jesse..?"

Brennan looked up startled. She knew? Damn she knew?

Brennan was not feeling too good right now. So maybe this is why Jesse left? Because he realized other people had gotten to know?

"Emma have you been scanning me?"

"I didn't need to.. its all in plain sight. The looks I've seen exchanged between you two is enough to indicate something is going on.. and its not too healthy I can sense that as well. What's up with
you two anyway?"

// Whew//

Okay maybe she didn't know the whole truth. But Emma didn't get any answers from Brennan right then. Before he could say anything, Jesse and Shalimar walked in.

"Back so soon?" Brennan called out, hugely relieved to have the conversation stalled, as he threw Emma a glance that said "Keep it down, we'll talk later." Or it could have said .."Mind your own business" For once Emma wasn't sure.

"Hey how did it go?" Emma asked as Jesse and Shalimar walked up to the top of the stairs to stand next to the other two seated members of MutantX. Shalimar offered an answer.

"All clear. No signs of trouble whatsoever. What did you guys do?"

"Oh" Emma rolled her eyes while Brennan reached a hand out to rub his neck and looked away. "We .. we were trying to do the crossword"

Shal chuckled. Jesse looked amused too. Course, he was avoiding directly looking at Brennan. "And?"

"Well.. it was going fine until we got stuck.."

Brennan was not about to sit and watch while Jesse ignored him so he flung out the latest clue that was bothering them.

"One short of feeling" And he looked directly at Jesse. Jesse stared back at him but gave away nothing but cold indifference.

"Here let me see it." And Emma gave the magazine to Jesse. He looked at the crossword, which he incidentally Was better at doing than any of the others. "One short of feeling" he echoed.

"And it has to start with an S. Cos of you see.. the word going down .. SECRETIVE ?" Emma explained as she stood up to join him.

Shal sat in her place next to Brennan and smiled at him. "Hmm.. You know you might have this one here wrong.. this one should be .. SANE and not FEAR. "

"See I told you FEAR was wrong!" Emma chided Brennan as the latter made a face. Jesse continued.

"So now that you have an S here instead of an F.. I think this will be .."

Everyone craned in to take a look..


"Oh! that's it!" Emma was delighted. "Brennan was right.. I should do crosswords with you. He's no help whatsoever."

Shalimar and Emma laughed while Brennan squinted at his accuser and smiled lopsidedly. "So many Ss.. who could have guessed? Besides I don't really like that alphabet!" Lame excuse alright. And he grinned childishly at that.

Jesse handed over the magazine to him.. unamused, but smiling coolly anyhow. "Well.. if you wanna catch up, maybe you should dig out the dictionary and start on your Ss tonight then."

"Got better things to do with my time thank you."

"Sure you do." Jesse offered sarcastically.

"Yeh? Like what?" That was Emma. Jesse spoke up beforeBrennan could respond.

"Must have plans to snare another one of those pretty young things we dropped at the new safehouse."

Jesse smirked at him. Brennan smirked back.

"Sorry Einstein that aint it."

"Then what? Not like I care.."

"Not like I owe you an explanation either.. but me and Shal plan to catch up on our combat training .. " He winked at Shal who nodded in acknowledgement. "I got a hunch that might come more in handy when fighting off GSA agents than vocabulary. O Hey! You suppose I could throw a crossword clue at them to keep their slow minds occupied while we kick their asses?"

And they all burst into laughter. Except Jesse, who didn't think it was funny.

"Why does everything have to be about fighting and violence with you?"

"Says who? Hey I admire Gandhi I really do. Gimme a non-violent way to get rid of the GSA and I'll do it! But I'm guessing a modern day pro-mutant Gandhi is a bit longer in the coming kid."

Jesse scowled at his sarcasm. Plus he hated.. he so hated being called a kid. "I didn't mean that. "

"What did you mean then?"

"I was just saying that.. there are other important things in life too."

"Like what rich boy?"

"Oh forget it. Just.. " Jesse shook his head in annoyance and made to move.

"Great. Now he's sulking."

"Sulking? SULKING?"

Brennan crossed his arms, pleased with himself.

"Gawd this man is so irritating. How can you girls stand him?" Jesse was asking Shal and Emma.

"Hey don't look at us!" Emma said.

And Shal added, "Yeh we're just here to sit back and enjoy the show. Down."

And the three burst into giggles.

Jesse gave up. "I give up. I don't have all day to listen to this arrogant loudmouthed fat-ass."

"Hey who you callin fat ass?!?" Emma chirped in, using her best Motown accent..

"Yeh! Who you callin fat ass?!?"

And the girls were in splits, even though Shal was feeling sorry for ganging up on poor Jesse like that. Brennan was impressed too.. plus he was enjoying the expression on Jesse's face. Too much. Jesse grunted.

"You keep missing the point don't you?"

"Funny .. cos I never notice any points in whatever you say..Kid."

"Ffffuck.. .. you and your.. your. superciliousness..I`ve had it!" Jesse turned to leave.

"Super what?" Brennan was genuinely stumped.

"Look it up moron."

Brennan threw him a bad scowl as Jesse started to climb down the stairs.

"Where you off to? Another date?"

That was flung out as casually as possible but both Brennan and Jesse knew it was anything but. Jesse stopped and turned to face him. "As a matter of fact yes. She's a student of literature at
UCLA. My favorite subject.. as you very well know."
If Shal hadn't spoken up, the eerie silence between the two men would have surely given them away. "Same girl? Danielle?"

"Uh-uh" Jesse answered her but was looking at Brennan. Though only for a nano-second. Then he looked away. He wouldn't have liked what he saw on Brennan's face anyway.

On second thoughts, maybe he would. Brennan looked away too.

// Danielle my ass. What a master storyteller this guy is! //

He didn't think he'd ever felt this way.. he'd never been .. envious..?.. a day in his life. Of anyone. About anyone.No one.

"Ahh.. Stud you!" Shalimar was throwing Jesse one of her teasing smiles which also held within itself a hidden message that said. "Be careful kid"

"Have fun Jesse. Let us know if you plan to marry this one." Emma joked and Shal laughed with her.

Jesse winked at them and left to get ready. Emma and Shal engaged in some more girl talk unintentionally ignoring Brennan but that suited him just fine. He watched as Jesse walked out of eyeshot. The swish of Jesse's jeans ringing sweetly in his ears.. the sight of Jesse's beautiful butt arousing him. Each passing day looking at him like this .. looking and not touching. it was torture. But now he'd had enough. He wasn't gonna sit around and do nothing no more.

He got up and went looking for a dictionary.


The innoculator was missing. It wasn't in its usual place in Adam's laboratory. It was in Brennan's pocket, as he walked towards the chamber of his greatest temptation. Jesse's bedroom.

This was it. Brennan was possessed. By passion inflamed yet not requited. Jealousy he could not explain and yet he allowed it to fuel his anger and desire all at the same time. Like a mad man who'd been teased and tested and tried enough and couldn't wait to be granted release. He was hell-bent on taking what he wanted.. snatching it by force if need be.. right now he wanted Jesse. And no one was gonna stop him this time.

Not even Jesse.

So what if Jesse locks his door at nights now? Its not like Brennan cant get in if he wants to. It was only a matter of a few electrical pulses at the right intervals zapped out of his able fingers and the lock came undone. Quietly he went in and locked it behind him again.

It was one-thirty in the night.. morning rather, and Jesse was fast asleep in his bed. He'd come back from his date an hour ago and had fallen into bed in the same black silk shirt and tight black jeans he'd been wearing that evening.

Brennan took a long moment just standing there.. staring at him.. admiring the subtle alluring beauty of the youngest member of MutantX.

//God help me! I'm insane with desire and I cant stop!//

He walked over to the bed where Jesse lay and drew out the innoculator. It was designed to only inject half an ml in one shot unless you reprogrammed it. He slightly placed it on Jesse's exposed
jugular and pulled the trigger. Jesse woke up with a start.

"Wha.. th.? Brennan?"

Brennan didn't bother to reply to the incomplete question. Jesse tried to get up only to be pushed back down to supine position as Brennan coolly climbed over him, trapping Jesse between his long legs on the bed.

"Brennan . what are you doing?"

Jesse was totally flustered, not totally awake and confused as to whether he was dreaming or not. He struggled to get away but Brennan was too strong for him. And then he realized what the prick he'd felt two seconds ago was. It was the subjugator. Now he was wide awake.

And mightily pissed.

"You bastard."

Brennan smiled. Jesse tried to ghost anyways, knowing it wouldn't work and it didn't. He threw a punch at Brennan while trying to push him off him but Brennan blocked his blow and pressed his entire body weight onto him to keep him from straightening up. "Shhhh.. I wont hurt you.. I promise."

"You Are hurting me Brennan, get off me!"

Brennan grabbed his hands into his and pressed them by the side of Jesse's head on the bed. He bent to press his face against his and breathe in his scent. The magical scent of raindrops.. on roses. Red roses. And he whispered.. "Don't you get it Jess..? You're not going anywhere."

Jess could feel his entire length tingle and quiver mightily at the sound of those words and he felt his control slipping. His throat was dry and he swallowed in vain. Brennan was kissing his closed eyes, his neck, his hair.. nibbling at his earlobes. licking the contours of his face. "Brennan .. please.. no.."

"Yes Jesse.. just like old times isn't it? Tell me what you want.. and I'll give it to you.. I'll make you remember everything that you think you've forgotten."

Brennan's breath on his face was driving him crazy. He could feel the red heat rising on every inch of his skin and his cock getting harder as it rubbed against Brennan's already stiff organ.

"I'll make you see.. that you don't need anybody else to make you happy.. I'm here for you.. let me in Jess. let me in.."

Jesse realized Brennan was asking for his permission.

//This is my chance! Is it?//

He could feel the tide rising.. rising beyond his constraints.. the passion for this beautiful man on top of him was too much to suppress and forget. But wait.. he could.. he should.. he had to.. before it was too late! This was no good.

// No good! No good! //

Jesse started to struggle again. This time earnestly. Brennan was surprised but not so surprised after all. Jesse was smaller and younger, but he sure was strong-willed and right now, quite desperate to break free. He almost pushed Brennan off when the electrical converted his index finger into a tazer and zapped him in his ribs.

Jesse bucked under the totally unexpected attack and Brennan took the opportunity and grabbed his hands again. He was straddling Jesse and the boy's legs pressed into the bed couldn't reach an angle to cause him much damage. Jesse groaned more in shock than.. the actual.. electrical.. shock.

"Sorry about that Jess"

Jesse tried to say something but a mouth covered his and swallowed all his sounds into the deepest kiss of his life. The kiss to seduce him into silence and it worked. Jesse was in a daze. Soon he felt something cold going around his wrists as they were raised above his head .. and to his horror realized Brennan had handcuffed him to the railing above him. Jesse panicked. "Brennan no. Stop please. I told you we're over"

"Don't lie to me Jess.. I can see it in your eyes that you still want me. What are you afraid of?"

"I am not afraid. I am not interested! And specially not in a guy who just tazered me! Let me go!"

Brennan looked like he would give in right then. But he tried once more. "Stop fighting me Jess. This doesn't have to be this way.."

"Fuck off"

Bad choice of words. Brennan stilled.

// Oh-kay //

For the longest time, they stayed like that.. just staring into each other's eyes. One pair dark with insurmountable lust, the other with.. fear and anxiety and .. pain..? Brennan couldn't be sure.
But he did see one thing he was surely sure of.. one thing he could never be mistaken about..


Oh yeh. Jesse was trembling with his own desire and he was fighting so hard against it. His insides were coiling up.. he was hot and sweating and bothered and restless and his cock was throbbing. The boy on top could feel the erection under his own. And Brennan smiled. "Relax Jesse."

Jesse didn't like the tone of that voice. It told him his protests were in vain. That he was truly vulnerable to Brennan and couldn't do a damn thing about it. It told him he was losing himself. again.

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and when he opened them, Brennan wasn't there.

He then felt the hot body sliding down his length .. long elegant fingers exploring his torso.. up and down.. until they reached his groin and Jesse gasped. A hand began to stroke his cock from over his jeans while another worked at undressing it. . he felt the zipper pulled down gently and the underwear ripped away roughly, leaving him exposed to Brennan's skillful hands. "please.. please.." Jesse was breathless, didn't even know what he wanted anymore.

Brennan took his time admiring the beautiful organ in the dim light as he caressed and tugged at the blond patch of hair just above.

Jesse blushed a crimson red and tried to get away but it was hopeless. Brennan continued to stroke the shaft .. slow then fast.. up then down.. driving Jesse out of his mind. He struggled.. against the bonds on his wrists, against the moans threatening to rise through his dry throat, against the unbidden univited .. unholy stimulation on his private parts.. he struggled to keep control .. and failed. And when Brennan gripped his weeping organ and licked the head. he couldn't suppress the scream any longer.


The above mentioned couldn't have been happier.

"You know how much I've missed this Jess? You .. screaming my name ."

And he dove right in. Swallowing Jesse's cock in one go.. only to slide back up and away until he was just licking again. Just as Jesse began to moan in agony at the loss, he found himself engulfed again. Into the warm wetness of Brennan's mouth. Tongue doing an excellent job on his underside while one of the hands tickled and scratched the velvet balls.

Jesse was now begging and pleading but it was all gibberish. And when he started to part his legs and thrust his hips upwards, Brennan knew he'd won alright.

But he wasn't going to let him off so easy. He gripped the base of the penis to keep him from ejaculating and began to suck with increasing pressure until Jesse went from writhing in pure pleasure to writhing in pure agony. Brennan wasn't allowing him to come!

"Take it slow kid.. slow.. and easy.."

"No! Not slow! Not slow please!"

Brennan was a God at this. The pumping went on incessantly and stopped just as suddenly, only to have the same treatment meted out to the balls. But the fist gripping the base of his cock and blocking his much-needed release wouldn't let go. Brennan sure was exacting revenge on him for the past two weeks. Jeez who'd have thought he'd be so merciless! Jesse was sobbing now.

"Brennan pl-please. please.. "

The tormentor raised his head to look at the bound figure above him. Jesse was a sight from heaven. His eyes were shut tight with tears squeezed out at the sides. Even in the dim night light, you could see tiny droplets of sweat shining on his forehead and cheekbones. His mouth was open and gasping soundlessly as he desperately tried to recall how to inhale. And his chest heaved up and down with the huge effort.. Brennan couldn't torment himself any longer. He reattached his mouth to the pained cock and let go of the base. A slight pressure was enough to coax out a furious orgasm accompanied by the loudest scream that night.


Good thing their chambers were soundproofed. Jesse let his upper torso arch up as far as he could go, his feet planted flat on the bed.. and he was spasming and cumming again and again.. and again. It seemed to last forever.

Brennan swallowed every drop.. the all too familiar, tang taste of Jesse he'd missed so much. He milked Jesse until it was finally over and Jesse fell back onto the bed, panting, boneless.. exhausted.

He even forgot all his previous protest and struggles as he let Brennan slide back up and kiss him, ever so gently on the mouth. He tasted himself on Brennan and . smiled.. his very first that

The expression wasn't lost on Brennan as he let the warmth of that beautiful smile wash away the pangs of guilt he'd felt earlier ..if at all. He licked away the drops of tears and sweat from Jesse's
flushed face, loving how warm and soft the boy felt to his lips. He pushed back strands of hair from his face and stroked the bridge of his nose lovingly.

"Look at you Jesse.. look at you.." Brennan smiled at the boy beneath.. who was too tired to protest anymore.. he was so beautiful.. and he made him so happy.. how could he ever let him go? He wouldn't let him go. No way.

// No damn way! //

Jesse was thinking pretty much the same thing.. except the last part..

// God he's driving me crazy.. this guy is driving me crazy.. I gotta get out before.. before its too late! //

And Jesse's smile vanished.



He knew it was hopeless, but he had to try it anyway.

"Please.. let me go now.." His voice nothing more than a hoarse whisper. Brennan stared into his eyes for awhile, then heaved noisily and got up.. back into seated upright position while still straddling the bound young lad.

And he heaved another huge sigh. Jesse felt his breath on his face and shuddered.

"Not yet Jess.. as you must have guessed already. " Brennan's voice brimmed with erotic mischief, as he put a hand into his jacket to draw out a . a book.. and he flipped it open. It
was a dictionary. ". I haven't even started."


Jesse's heartbeat soared anew.

"Hmm.. lets see.. now where's the damn letter S."

Jesse's curiosity was definitely piqued as he watched Brennan switch on the lamp beside his bed, sit on top of him oh-so-leisurely and read a.. a dictionary? What was he up to now?

// Oh now I get it. //

"You're pissed at me bcos of a stupid crossword? That's what this is?"

Brennan laughed, without once looking away from the book in his hands. Jesse waited patiently for an answer but obviously none was forthcoming. He fidgeted with the rings on his wrists but it wasn't much use.


No reply. Some more fidgeting.


No reply. Okay now Jesse was losing it. He was sore from being crushed under a 170 pound man and he was frustrated at his helplessness and he was angry at being at someone else's mercy. "Damn you Brennan LET ME GO!!!" and he pulled at the bonds with all the strength he could muster.

Brennan sprang into action then. He dropped the book on the bed and gripped Jesse's hands with his own, preventing him from pulling at the cuffs. "Hey hey stop it will ya? You're bruising yourself."

"Fine, undo the damn handcuffs then"

"Not handcuffs.. shackles"

Jesse was getting agitated. "What's the difference just take them off!"

Brennan smiled that coy smile of his. Experience told Jesse that smile was always bad news. Brennan strained forward to kiss Jesse's bound wrists, but really to check he hadn't hurt himself already.

"I have been following your advice.." he whispered, and he started undressing Jesse.

"wh-what advice?"

He undid the shirt's buttons and Jesse started breathing real hard.

Brennan placed a hand on his heart.. he could feel it beating away fast.. real fast. "well.. while you were out dating some Shakespearean geek from college, I was mugging the dictionary.. " He ran his hands all over the smooth rich skin.. gently flicked the pointed nipples, tickled the belly button, making the boy flinch.. not a trace of hair on the perfect sculpted torso.. oh yeh..

// That's cos I shaved them off him myself remember? //

Jesse panted as Brennan traced his ribs leaving a searing heat everywhere he touched. When he felt his nipples rubbed and tugged, he started moaning softly.

"So how was your date?"

"whah-what?" Jesse couldn't believe he was being asked about his date at this point! Brennan was always big on ..Talking. He just Loved to Talk while fucking him. Crazy bastard. But this was unbelievable. He looked into Brennan's dark eyes and couldn't make out if he was serious or not.

"Tell me" and Brennan dipped his head to lick his belly button. Jesse gasped.

"Uhhh s-splendid"

"Splendid!" Brennan's head jerked up. "Another good word! Splendid!"

He straightened up. And then pulled out a nine inch blade from his left boot and flicked it open right in Jesse's face, scaring him.

"I have been working on my vocabulary as you suggested. And you know.. I realized S is a really interesting alphabet after all!" He sliced through the sleeves of Jesse's shirt.

"No No No this is my favorite shirt!"

"for good reason too.."

And he sliced through the sleeves of Jesse's shirt. slowly.. from the wrist to the armpit.. Jesse felt the tip of the blade caressing and yet not breaking his skin once. Brennan sure knew what he was doing.

He trembled, and felt another erection coming on. Soon the shirt was gone, shreds of black silk strewn across the floor. Brennan shifted to reach Jesse's feet behind him and took off his shoes and socks.

"For instance, do you know what a sexagenarian is?"

Jesse squinted at him.

"I suppose you wanna tell me"

Brennan turned back to face him once he'd thrown the apparel at the door, and flashed a winning smile.

"Well.. I always thought it meant an expert at sex .. you know some kind of erotica specialist." and he guffawed, his eyes twinkling with glee. Jesse rolled his eyes. Brennan resumed massaging his chest.

"But now I know what it means.. old man in his sixties.. that's what!" and he winked at Jesse, genuinely enjoying his joke. He tickled his sides which only caused Jesse to flinch and gawk at him confusedly. Jesse realized he wasn't being sarcastic and that he actually meant it. How do you resist a Brennan being cute? And he smiled too.

But it didn't last too long. As Brennan started pulling off Jesse's jeans and whatever was left of his boxers, Jesse started yelling. "Hey hey wait!"


"Brennan. I.. whatever you have in mind.. I'm not game for it. Please.. don't do this."

Jesse was in panic. Brennan didn't stop what he was doing. He took off the last piece of clothing off Jesse's magnificent body and only then did he look into the contorted face.

"This is going to happen Jesse. Unless you give me a damn good reason not to."

"I don't want this."

"That's Bullshit",


"That's even bigger bullshit Jesse. Look at yourself!" and he gripped the semi-erect penis to illustrate his point. He gave it a good squeeze making Jesse moan.

"Give me a reason I can believe Jesse. And I swear I'll leave you alone."

Jesse let his head fall back on the pillow in a huff, closed his eyes, and grew quiet. Brennan looked at his face, pangs of guilt returning to torment his conscience. But its easier to just give in
to temptation than to resist it. Plus, he believed tonight could be a decisive night. Either Jesse would come back to him for good, or at least he'd know what the true reason for his sudden weariness was. He resumed his dominant stance and voice when he said, "Good."

And he moved back up, pressing his entire length to Jesse's naked one. He let his hands and lips and tongue roam free on the beautiful body as Jesse lay there, stubbornly staring at the handcuffs.. sorry.. shackles above him. His breathing was gradually getting ragged again. He hated his body for responding to Brennan when his mind didn't want to. He hated his heart for beating so hard every time Brennan kissed him and he hated his soul for wanting more and more. He hated himself for being so conflicted. But fact was that he was, and there was no way out. He hated Brennan for ever have come into his life at all.

"So here's the deal.." Brennan began, and Jesse looked at him. Ignoring the lost look in those sexy eyes encircled with long pretty eyelashes, Brennan continued. "Starting a short while from now, I'll use some of the words I read today starting with the letter S. "

Jesse's expression translated to a "Huh?".

Brennan smiled at him and took his chin in one hand to gently stroke it. His lips were so close to Jesse's they might as well be kissing. "..and by the time I'm done with you.. if you can tell me exactly how many words I .. uttered. I'll leave... "

Jesse was boggled.

// Is he serious? //

"What the hell is this? Another one of your stupid sex games?"

Brennan grinned but didn't bother to reply to the queries.

"What.. what will you talk about?"

Brennan couldn't help laughing at the innocent little pondering. So much like Jesse.

"Oh Jess.. I always speak to you.. you know that. I tell you how I feel when I touch you, when I kiss you.. when I enter you.."

Bad question. Jesse felt his entire being enflamed at the sound of those words.

"I'll tell you what I want to do to you.. what I am going to do to you.. I'll tell you how beautiful you are. how absolutely."

Brennan was staring into Jesse's eyes at that point. Jesse waited for him to complete.. but he didn't. Brennan looked away for a second and then back.

The spell was broken.

"You do this kid.. and you'll get what you want.. I'll let you go.. and we'll never speak of this time we spent together.. ever."

Jesse frowned at him as Brennan bent his head to suck at his jugular vein trying to smooth away the prick point he'd stabbed him at. He spoke into his neck.

"We'll go back to being friends .. and teammates.. mutant warriors.. anything but this. This is what you want.. isn't it?" Brennan's voice was low.. so low. Jesse swallowed but said nothing.

And Brennan returned to eye contact.

"But.. and that's a BIG but" switch to mischief again. Brennan slid a hand under Jesse to fondle his cute butt. Jesse squirmed, only allowing the hand to move in further. Brennan chuckled lightly as he kissed a flushed cheekbone. "IF. you fail to tell me the EXACT number.. " Brennan was enjoying himself when he said this.


"I'll come back tomorrow night again.. to give you another chance.. with another letter perhaps?"

Jesse wasn't enjoying this so much. Of course he knew what was going on. Brennan knew the effect he had on Jesse. And he knew he was capable of much .. much more damage. There was no way he could keep his senses about him to be able to count words starting with the letter S.

Or any other letter damnit!

M-Maybe he stood a better chance with letter X.. considering how many words could you have with X anyways right? Brennan's right hand was back to playing with his pubic hair and his cock was throbbing painfully. Jeez he didn't wanna go through this mental torture another second.. and God alone knows how many nights it is before Brennan chose the letter X?

// Wait a second. what the hell am I thinking!?!? //

"What makes you think you'll get so lucky ever again Mulwray? You caught me by surprise today, not gonna happen again."

Brennan chuckled. "So you're expecting to flunk already kid?"

"I didn't say I was playing your stupid game."

"Does it look like you have a choice?"

Jesse gritted his teeth. He was breaking sweat already.

"Hmm I have another idea.." Brennan was circling his left nipple lightly with just one fingernail, driving him crazy.

// Oh yeh, LOT of damage. //

"I could ask you for the count anytime in between. So that way you'll have lots of chances.. to get away.. if you don't know the answer.. that's okay.. you can start counting anew from that point on.. "

"How would you know?"

Jesse was sneering but the look on Brennan's face wiped it off.

"I am not the one who needs to prove my `disinterest' here Jesse.."

Jesse swallowed again. In vain again.

"and anyways.. I don't lose control you know that.. "

"too well"

Brennan ignored the deadpan and posed the big question, "so.. you game? Not that it matters.." and smiled sinfully.
"good then.."

"no wait wait! I have a question"

"shoot babe"

"what..what if you use the same word twice? Or thrice? Or.."

"Count them again. Smart kid huh? Any more questions?"
"you promise you'll leave?"

This wasn't what Brennan wanted to hear. Oh well.. "I promise." he said softly.

Jesse closed his eyes and tried the bonds again. Tight as ever. He really didn't have a choice.

"This.. or.." Brennan was saying something again.


"Or you tell me why it is you cant bear to be with me anymore.. and it'd better be the truth Jesse, cos I'm not taking any more bullshit."
"So my reasons are bullshit to you."

"Only when you're lying."

"How the hell do you know?"

"I always do Jess."

Jesse switched to his silent sulking mode. And Brennan thought to himself..

// What happened to you kid? How can I make amends if I don't know whats botherin you? //

Brennan raised himself and took off his biker jacket, revealing a short black tee and faded blue jeans beneath. He ran his talented fingers through his hair and licked his lips wet as he looked at
Jesse looking back at him. He let his eyes trace his entire lithe length from head to last curling toe and back up. This was the body that called to him every night without fail, the piece of heaven he
wanted to own and possess and .. love?

"Shall we begin?"

Brennan smiled.. he was truly going to enjoy this.


Jesse swallowed desperately and closed his eyes, tight, hoping this was all a bad .. porn dream that would disappear if he willed it to. But that wasn't meant to be. Brennan would not be denied.

It wasn't like Jesse had never been naked with Brennan before, but tonight, under the glare of the lamps, his hands tied out of the way, he felt more naked than ever, and constantly sported a bright blush.

"You blush"

"For the thousand and oneth time.. yeh I do. Don't you?"

"No sir. Wish I did though... looks good on ya."




Brennan laughed. "Oh yeh.. one is right!" He stretched out beside Jesse and held his face in both his hands. And he kissed him, gently.

Jesse didn't want to respond, but he didn't have a choice in the matter. His lips parted on their own and granted entry to his tormentor. They kissed for the longest time.

"Sweet Jesse.. how I missed you.."

If Jesse could speak, he would have said "Two"

And Brennan got on top again, straddling Jesse but making sure he wasn't crushing him too much this time. He started from the fingers above and kissed and caressed his way down Jesse's arms. Jesse trembled under the assault. When Brennan reached his nose, he spoke up.

"you know what this is Jess?" he was gently licking the tip of his nose, dipping a little, making Jesse giggle lightly.

"Its called the septum, separation between the nostrils.. and yes dear.. I am showing off" Jesse smiled at that.

"And this one here.." Brennan was laving the depressed lines on Jesse's cheeks.. "is called the sexiest smile in the .whole. wide.. world."

Jesse sighed deeply. He couldn't help it, only to catch himself suddenly. Damn he'd lost count already! How much was it.. five? Six? Yeh must be six. Or was it seven?

His eyes flew open and met with Brennan's dark ones staring back at him.

"Jeez you're so beautiful. No one can truly appreciate you the way I do Jess.. you don't need that stupid sophomore to make you happy."

Brennan's fingers drew curls into his hair and tugged at them gently. He bent to suck at his lower lip, prodding gently and then quietly slipping in, where he proceeded to suck at his tongue, the walls of his mouth.

Kissing Brennan was like endless free falling. Exciting and dangerous. And completely overwhelming. Jesse was falling.. and he didn't wanna be caught.. he was losing himself.. to the sweet ecstasy.. to the wild eroticism.. why was he fighting this? Why the Hell? He couldn't remember anymore. he just wanted to let go and fall and fall and ..

Brennan broke it off, leaving a very flustered Jesse staring at him."So how much is it?"


"Sorry kid.. 'Huh' aint it. Start again?"

Jesse crashed back to reality. And he remembered his reasons. He couldn't believe he was losing so sorely.

"Ugh!" he groaned and pulled at the shackles again.

"Brennan get these handcuffs off me!"

"Not handcuffs baby.. shackles. And we're in the game now mind you.."

"Damn you!"

"You see handcuffs are two metal rings attached together.. but shackles here.. are two rings with a chain in between.. like this one here.. Shalimar had it in her vanity dresser. Tells you something

Brennan grinned wildly. Jesse wasn't interested in Shalimar's extra-curricular activities right now. He was angry and hot and aroused and.. angry.

Brennan saw it clearly enough to be hugely stimulated. He was feeling as hot and aroused as Jesse did at the moment. It was time to move in for the kill.

"Jesse you feeling hot? This sheen of sweat on your body makes you look so.. sinfully sumptuous"

Jesse grunted, "Nine"

Brennan chuckled.

"Aww.. don't be such a sour puss Jess.. the fun's only begun."

// eleven //

"cant wait"

"I know you cant. I know you want me to seduce you again.. to take you.. make you mine.. and sweetheart.. I dont intend to disappoint .."

Before Jesse could come up with another witty retort, Brennan slid down to reach his torso. Muscled but lean, tanned and smooth.. his chest was like art.. perfectly sculpted out of pure marble. Brennan's lips closed around Jesse's left nipple and he gasped anew.

Weakly he thought back to the count.. // thirteen //

The tongue laved and tugged at the nipple until it was swollen and sorely aching. Jesse moaned in pleasure and pain while Brennan switched to the other nipple, worrying it for longer this time. Jesse squirmed as much to get away as to get more contact with Brennan's hot mouth. When Brennan removed his mouth, Jesse ruefully thought it was over.. but he was wrong. Brennan only returned to the first nipple. Jess almost let out a scream but he bit his lower lip to arrest it. This earned him a good nip from his lover and he yelped.

"No don't hold back. Scream for me Jess.."

But Jesse wasn't about to give in so soon. // aahh fourteen! //

"Okay.." Brennan noticed his willfulness. "We shall try something else then.."

// Christ.. sixteen.. sixteen.. //

And he moved further down. Jesse hyperventilated. Every time.. every Single time was like the very first time. Jesse so hated his body for reacting to Brennan like that. He'd trash his body and throw it a dumpster in the farthest end of the city if he could.

Brennan on the other hand, was very content in suckling his way around the belly button, the perfect six packs .. down to his groin area. His hands continued to scope out the rest of him.

"Mmm Jesse.."

He said as he nuzzled into the blond patch of hair in the middle of his legs.

"You always smell this great? Even when you sweat? Or is it after you sweat?"

Jess was in no position to reply. He was breathless and too busy writhing.

"I love it when you squirm like that. You are one spirited kid aren't ya?"

// twenty one.. twenty one.. twenty one.. //

"stubborn to the point of madness. Not good for you sport.. "

// twenty three.. twenty three.. twenty three.. //

Brennan shifted so he could spread Jesse's legs further apart and settled himself between them. He bent the bare legs at the knees and clutched at the muscled thighs with each hand. Jesse tried to get away but half-heartedly as it was useless anyway. Shackled to the bed didn't leave many chances to escape. He closed his eyes and felt every single nerve in his penis throbbing and aching to be touched.

Brennan sure could be cruel.

"Straddling doesn't allow much room for struggle now does it? But I'm sure you wont waste your energy anyways.. after all.. you're going to need it."

Brennan let go of the thighs knowing Jesse had no surprise moves on him, and focused on the prize in between. Gingerly, he touched the tip of the already weeping head. The touch was so gentle yet so sudden, Jesse jumped. Brennan smiled. His position of control causing his own cock to rise to the occasion.

"Sensitive huh.. " and he closed a hand round the organ, making Jesse tremble anew.

"Do you feel it Jesse.. the shivers up and down your spine? They're signs that you need this as much as I do. That you should stop fighting me and let me in.. you know I wouldn't rape you.. you know that don't you?"

Jesse said nothing. He kept his eyes closed and focused on the breathing which was fast becoming difficult. So was the counting.

// twenty nine? Has to be twenty nine //

Brennan started stroking his cock with one hand, holding it up while he rolled the smooth balls in the other. Up and down.. up and down..

"You went to school didn't ya? College?"

Jesse couldn't believe he was expected to answer. Brennan enjoyed talking during sex and Jesse had learnt to listen during sex. Jesse definitely did not enjoy talking himself.

"N-No. Left . to . Adam."

Brennan planted a kiss on the swollen head, making Jesse moan really loud. With his lower lip still caught in his teeth. Brennan licked away the little drop of precum off him.

"That's good.. that's good. I barely managed school" And Bren gently chuckled at a lost .. not so happy memory. But he shook himself out of it to continue..

"So I was sayin.. maybe you did this in school.. I didn't know this.. do you know what this is called?" He massaged Jesse's sac rubbing small circles into it. Jesse was.. well.. way gone.
"Its called the scrotum.. pouch of skin containing your testicles.. science huh" Bren brought his teeth down to nip at the sac to illustrate his point.


"And I know from personal experience.. this is your biggest hot spot.. after your shaft of course.."
"please.. please.."

Jesse was pleading now. // Get moving for Gods sake! // Brennan smiled.

"And hey.. do you know what this is.. "

Brennan dipped a hand further to reach the little red opening. He let a finger circle and bother it as he continued his verbal stimulation.

Jesse was panting.

"do you know what its called?"


Brennan had to laugh at that.

"smart kid. Well yeh.. but in scientific terms.. this ring of muscle here.. its called the sphincter. Get it?"

No coherent response was received as Brennan let one finger slip in and out of the opening. Not totally in.. not totally out.

"Jesus Christ!!"

Jesse was absolutely breathless. He needed something.. anything! He couldn't take the teasing anymore. He moaned and he moaned.

Brennan was breaking sweat himself now. He had to take him NOW. But he had a stupid charade to complete..

He bent to take the penis into his mouth halfway and lick it like a popsicle. Jesse screamed. No teeth bleeding his lip anymore.


Brennan licked the organ a few more times, enough to wildly stimulate but never enough to let him spasm. The last time he brought his mouth down to completely sheath his penis, and he sucked. Jesse felt himself being milked and just when he thought he was about to explode, the pressure was withdrawn and two fingers squeezed the end of his organ painfully.

"N-NO! BRENNAN!!!" Jesse was yelling through his sobs. "You Bastard. You sonofa.."

"Shush kid. no bad language now. and tell me.. how much?"


"Mmm that's a great thought but.. not the answer I was looking for.."

And Jesse screamed so loud it scared Brennan. "Let me go! Damn it let me go!!"

Brennan slid up and covered Jesse's mouth with his. Jesse struggled but couldn't get away. Brennan prodded and prodded until Jesse let his lips part and Brennan dove right in. This time the kiss was only to hold and assure. Jesse continued to moan and sob into the kiss for a long while Brennan held his quivering frame in his arms tightly. Gradually he calmed, and his painful erection subsided. Brennan too was struggling to pull himself back from the brink. He thought maybe Jesse'd had enough. But none of his objectives had been achieved yet. He still didn't know where he stood and what were the reasons for Jesse's decision to break up.

// Okay now what do I do? //



Jesse didn't stir. He was too comfortable resting his head against Bren's chest and feeling those strong arms sorrounding him after so long. Brennan had undone the shackles so he could hold him properly, plus Jesse was hurting his wrists way too much.

// Maybe we could get those velvet covered cuffs for next time? Shal would know right? //

// Hah who am I kidding. //

Timecheck: it'd been a little over an hour and ten minutes since Brennan had injected Jesse with the subjugator. Which meant he still had about three hours to get this done. Because he knew too well once Jesse could get away, there was no way he'd get another chance.

// The returning tomorrow night part was just a fib you know that. //

"Jess its obvious you're losing the stupid game. Do you wanna tell me now whats wrong with you?"

Jess opened his eyes but didn't look up.

"What makes you think something's wrong with ME?"

"Okay then.. whats wrong with me?"

Jess now looked up to meet Brennan's insistent gaze. For the longest time, he said nothing. "Nothing."



`Then why did you break it off Jess? We're so .. I guess.. I don't know about you anymore.. but I used to think I make you as happy as you make me."

Jess looked away at that.

"wanna tell me the real reason now?"

And Jess shook a negative. Brennan was angry now. He shifted to sit up.

"Oh come on! What the hell's the matter anyway? What can be such a huge deal you cant tell me about?"

"I did tell you! You don't wanna believe it.. its not my fault!"

"Which story are we talking about? The no-good-need-a-break one or the mutant-freaks-cant-handle-the-stress one?"

Jess got angry too. He got up, and started to pace.

//Amazing //

This was another thing Brennan liked so much about Jesse.

// He is strutting around naked without an ounce of consciousness when only a while ago, he was blushing like anything under my touch! //

Under my touch.. Brennan liked the sound of that. And Jesse stopped pacing. Apparently he'd been contemplating something. But his decision was still the same.

"Believe what you want to believe Brennan. I have nothing more to say to you."

Brennan was pissed. He got up and stood before him. "I aint going nowhere until I have an answer or I have you Jess"

"Well you cant have any. Learnt to accept things the way they are Brennan!"

"Not this. This is way too important to me."

Jesse stared at Brennan. His face and voice riddled with uncanny anticipation. "Why?"
// Uh-oh. Getting desperate here Brennan. watch it! //

"C-cos. Cos I don't understand it that's all! Cos I had fun with you Jesse. I .. enjoy your company.. I like what we do. I like how good we are in bed! And.. I .. miss it."

Jesse held his hands at his waist. Naked waist.

"You miss the sex."

"Well DUH!!" . and with a mild touch of self-doubt.. "Don't you?".. Jesse was not too happy with Brennan's explanations, that much was clear. He walked up to the bathroom door and pulled out a towel from behind it. He wrapped it around himself very matter-of-factly and then turned to Brennan. Deadpan again.

"Leave Brennan."

"Okay what did you want to hear Jess? Why don't you just tell me?"

"I want to hear Nothing from you Brennan. Nothing that you say will ever change anything between us. I.. I just want you to leave. You've had your fun now. just . Leave!"

"You want me to? Fine. START TALKIN!"

"You know I can be as stubborn as you. I don't have to explain a damn thing to you. You don't own me!"

Brennan scowled. "I think we amply demonstrated who's running the show here."

"Oh fuck off!"

"You wanna go again? Wanna prove to me you're Not Interested!?"

"Attacking me like that.. count the stupid S words!?! You think it proves anything?"

"It proved that you still want me. You can fight me but you cant resist me Jess"

"Oh please!. You and your bloated ego.. you're so disgusting.. you and your."


Jesse and Brennan stared each other down. Two minutes. Three. Four. Its amazing how time can slowly soothe tempers. Don't do much for the underlying issues.. those need to be sorted out manually.

Jesse let out a huge breath and sat down on the bed. So did Brennan. The two boys sat with their backs to each other. Each lost in their own sea of guilt and doubts and confusions. Anger too.
Jesse spoke up first.

"Brennan.. we gotta work together. We cant.. we cant afford to fight like this."

"I know."

"Talk to me Jess."

"Brennan please don't start."

"Okay okay!"

"What do you suggest?"

"I suggest you leave." Not the most unpredictable answer in the world that one.

. Brennan hadn't expected himself to give up .. but he'd tried. God knows he had. He couldn't understand why this was bothering him so much. Never before had he let a relationship.. that too just a physical one.. affect him so much. Maybe its cos he has to see Jesse every single day. Live with him. Work with him. Heck he shared a life with him already.

// Jesse's family. //

Brennan sighed deeply and stood up to face Jesse.. Jesse's back actually. He'd made up his mind.
"Okay. I'll leave."

Jesse closed his eyes. Relieved?

"I'll do what you want. But.. there is one thing I still need."

Jesse turned around. "What?"

"Jess.. let me make love to you.. one last time."
"I want to remember.. you and me."
"No tricks this time. No games. Just you and me. Please.."

Jesse lowered his head. And slowly.. he nodded. Brennan couldn't have been happier. And his soft smile reflected as much.

Jesse got up to face him, awkward in his stance, the way he'd been the first night he'd allowed Brennan into his inner sanctum. It had taken Brennan a whole seven days and nights to talk him into it. Gawd that was the longest he'd ever taken to get into someone's pants! // Ahem //

Brennan looked at the young boy in front of him. Regretting that this was perhaps the last time he might get to do this.. yet glad to have this last chance. He pulled off his teeshirt and dropped it on the floor. He walked up to Jesse who had been just standing and staring..

and led him by the hand to the bed again. He seated him on it and stood in front of him. Very slowly, he kicked off his shoes and pulled out his socks as Jesse looked on and licked his lips. Then he stepped out of his jeans. He wore no underwear leaving the stunner bare and in all his glory. Jesse stared at the beauty just been revealed to his hungry eyes.. strong lithe body, toned muscles, proud shaft.. life-size perfection. And when he looked up into Brennan's eyes.. Jesse felt like crying.

// I missed you too Bren .. //



"Shhh.. don't talk.."

Jesse did what he was told. He let Brennan do the talking. And pretty much everything else. Brennan liked being in control. And he did a damn good job at keeping Jesse satisfied and pining for more. Neither ever had reason to complain.

They were on the bed, lying entwined like vines and you couldn't figure one from another. They kissed and kissed for the longest time.

Kissed until both were breathless and dazed. Brennan let Jesse catch his breath while he went down on the body he wanted to memorise..

every curve, every nook .before he left that night. His hands were everywhere and he kissed and nipped whatever he could get his fangs on. Soon he was bothering the nipples until they were sore, and the belly button until Jesse's gasps were interspersed with pleas for mercy.

"Scream for me Jess.. say my name."

"Brennan .. Brennan .. Brennan"

A gentle hand cupped his member and he screamed anew. The skillful hand was soon rubbing him back and forth and a mouth was kissing and laving him until he orgasmed, his second that night. It didn't take so long this time.. he'd been teased cruelly enough to ensure that.

Jesse relaxed into the warm body holding him once he came. And soon, strong hands turned him over as Brennan got down to business. Well..

almost. Another piece of gorgrous sculpted art form greeted his eyes as he took in the beautifully muscled back, sexily jutting out shoulder blades and a luscious bottom. He placed his hands on Jesse's ass and Jesse jumped. Jesse also giggled at his own reaction.

// Every time!.. Every fucking single time! //

Brennan filled each of his palms with each of the two tempting globes and rubbed them while Jesse moaned. Brennan brought down his lips to the back of his neck and began to kiss and lave his way down the back. As he reached the shoulder blades, he said..

"I love your scapulae"

Jesse couldn't help chucking at that, gave him a good break from the constant panting.

"my what?"

"look it up moron."

Jesse laughed again. He bunched up the sheets in both fists and writhed in sheer pleasure while Brennan lavished excruciatingly detailed attention to his back. Brennan knew how much it frustrated the younger boy. And it excited him.

Soon, though not soon enough.. Brennan reached the little furrow that marked the beginning of Jesse's crack and spent some time tickling it. Jesse squirmed like hell.

"hey hey.. baby."

"Brennan don't do that!"

"why not?"

"you know why!"

Brennan smiled and gave it one last lick making Jesse wiggle more.

With one hand kneading one cheek, he worked on the other with his tongue and teeth. Jesse moaned and moaned. His cock was painfully erect now.

"Brennan don't tease."


Brennan switched cheeks and had some more fun before devouring the magical opening itself. Jesse's throat was dry with all the screaming and moaning.. he didn't think he'd have any more screaming left in him. But he kept surprising himself. His eyes watered as stars exploded behind his eyelids.

Brennan's erection began to hurt, but he couldnt have enough of Jesse's delicious butt. He let his hands be where his tongue couldn't be at any given moment and viceversa. You think Jesse was the only one doing the screaming?

// God Jesse.. Jesse.. Jesse.. //

The tongue penetrating him again and again drove Jesse to insane heights of insanity as he pulled himself up on his knees and pushed up into Brennan's mouth. The sheets tore in his fists and he chanted Brennan's name over and over.

Brennan kissed the ring once more before reaching out for his jeans on the floor. Jesse managed to utter something in English.

"don't.. need it.."

"no chances baby.. don't wanna hurt ya.."

Brennan took out the gel he'd come prepared with, took a huge dollop and put it onto the hole.

Jesse sighed as the coolness hit him after the previous warmth from Brennan's working. The boy on top curled his index finger into him, and the moment he hit the prostrate, Jesse went mad with desire. First one, then two and soon three fingers were inside the boy, fucking him good, stretching him thoroughly. Brennan massaged his prostrate both from the inside and outside. Jesse sobbed.

"Hurry Brennan."

"yes baby.."

And Brennan replaced his fingers with his huge stiff and weeping organ. He needed no more coaxing, no more lubrication. At first he moved slow, spreading a burning heat throughout Jesse's existence.

And when finally he was in, he asked as always if Jesse was okay.

"yeh.. yeh.."

And Brennan pulled out. Only to push back again. Jesse screamed. Such pure ecstasy in powerlessness.. such pleasure in pain.. He arched up to meet Brennan in his pistoning motions and soon the two were rocking in perfect harmony. Like this is how it was meant to be. Now
and forever. Like this was the only reason to be.

Brennan held Jesse by the hips and controlled the pace.. Slow.. painfully slow. And then Jesse felt a hand snake out to hold his cock and stroke it with the same pulsating rhythm that his world now
hummed with. He surrendered to a thousand sensations and some more.

Like there was nothing else in the world but these maddening sensations that filled every empty space in his heart and his soul.

Sensations that totally overwhelmed his very mind and body. Sensations he had no rein on, had no say about. He let them invade and assault and plunder his senses until he'd have none left. Until
he felt senseless. Until everything and nothing made sense.. and he couldn't care less.

Brennan was moaning and moaning. His own world was thrown in turmoil the moment he entered Jesse and let the hotness engulf him. Not just his cock, he felt like it'd engulfed his mind, his soul.. and dare he add.. his heart. Brennan was losing it.

// Oh God.. I'm out of control! //

And then he could take it no more. He let go and spasmed into Jesse while Jesse convulsed himself around him. Waves after waves of pleasure hit the boys until they were stormed and wrecked and finally washed ashore. Brennan collapsed on top of Jesse while Jesse collapsed on the bed.. two bodies soaking each other in their sweat and cum, and not a care for anything else in the world.. except this one moment.. of pure.. exquisite joy.

The silence . was broken only by the hard breating of two very exhausted boys.

"I love you."

Brennan opened his eyes. Had he heard what he thought he heard? "What?"

Brennan slid out .. and Jesse could have wept.. Brennan rolled off to one side and sat up, holding one hand with the other around his knees that he'd drawn up to his chest. Jesse kept his eyes shut.. damn tight. Why he said it.. he didn't know. But now he had. And there was no way to take it back.

"I love you Brennan."

Jesse raised himself and sat behind Brennan. He could see Brennan's shoulders rise and drop as he breathed steadily.. heavily. He reached out to touch them.. hold them.. but he didn't. "This.. this is why.. I couldn't stay with you .. cos I know that.. you don't want this."
"I know that this was not supposed to be anything but. but.. physical gratification for you.."
"Brennan I. I .. don't know how or why or when.. I just.. it wasn't enough anymore.. you.. ignoring me in the day and.. fucking me at nights. Its not enough.. I needed more. But I know. I know that I have no right to ask that of you.. you never gave me one. So.. it was only for the best that.. "
The silence was scaring Jesse. And the unresponsiveness only confirmed his worst fears. He was right. So he was right. He shouldn't be surprised. Why then does it hurt so much?

Brennan got up in a huge rush.. like he wanted to get away as soon as possible.

Jesse could have cried. He could have screamed and howled. He did neither. Instead he shook his head, and sadly laughed."I knew it."

Brennan was busy pulling up his pants and teeshirt. When he spoke, it was with annoyance.

"Knew what?"

"I knew that this would happen if I told you.. that's why I.."

"Yeh I got that."

Jesse.. heard his heart break. He sat the way Brennan was sitting not so long ago and stared at the man dressing in front of him.

Brennan paused. He heaved a huge sigh and turned to look at Jesse. His face was a mask of utter pain. The pain Brennan had seen in his eyes an hour ago but hadn't realized what it was for. Now he knew.

Now he knew.

Brennan was so confused. His mind was trying to process a zillion threads of thought altogether and failing at all of them. He didn't know what to say or do. He just.. breathed.

// Admit it Mulwray.. is this really that huge a shock? Didn't you already know.. in your heart of hearts? Didn't you? //

He jerked his head, ever so slightly, as if to shake off the very disturbing thought.

"I.. I just wanted to remember.." was all he could offer.

Jesse let the tear fall then. He wiped it off as fast as possible and looked back up at the source of his greatest torment.

"I didn't. I wanted to forget.."

Brennan didn't understand what he was saying.

"I wanted to forget you'd ever touched me.. or kissed me. I wanted to forget that you.. you'd taken my virginity. "
"I wanted to forget how you pursued me relentlessly.. you made me feel like. like I was precious. Talk about gross misunderstanding huh?"

Brennan began to say something but then changed his mind. And Jesse couldn't contain the cynicism anymore. Nor the sobs.

"I so wanted to forget the nights you'd be downright merciless . and drive me to the edge over and over.. without release.."
"Nights when all you wanted to hear was me crying .. and begging and pleading .. and screaming your name? Remember?"
Jesse was laughing manically at another memory.

"Nights when you took me over your knee and I freaked thinking you were about to spank me! "

He still found it funny.

"But you assured me otherwise.. and you put your finger in me. and zapped my prostrate.. over and over and over again .until I screamed and said I might as well be spanked! Or at least be fucked the conventional way!"

Brennan couldn't make out whether Jesse was laughing or crying or both.

"And then I got my wish.. only to be banged out of my senses until I couldn't make out the difference between pleasure and pain. And I loved it. And You loved it. Didn't you?"
Jesse stopped laughing. His voice dropped to a whisper.

"I wanted to forget the nights that.. I'd be injured or sad or simply tired . and .. you would cradle me in your arms and.. just.. rock me. I never asked for it.. but somehow.. you'd always know what I needed . and gave it to me. All night long. "
"And I remember.. the gentle moments.. when you would hold me.. your lips pressed to my hair, my face, my palms. And you'd whisper softly, tell me how .. how beautiful I am.. and good and strong and.. brave?"

Tears fell and Jesse wasn't bothering to wipe them off anymore.

"And all this while .. I just wanted you to say this one more thing.. just this one thing.. that.. that you loved me? .. Because I loved you."

"I did. Cant help it."

Now he wiped off the tears, now the sobs subsided.

"I guess.. I could have done without all the mushy sentimentality.. I know how sick all this must sound to you right now. I know how much you hate this.. and I think I could have continued too.. without minding the lack of commitment too much. Until.. " Brennan looked up. Jesse's voice got eerily stable. ".. until that night when.. you.. came to me. You fucked me good and then.. when you thought I was sleeping.. you slipped out to go see Ashley."

The mask on his face was back. No tears, no sobs, no pleas in his tone anymore. Brennan noticed the change. He noticed and saw.. and heard everything. And he said nothing.
Jesse sniffed and rubbed his face dry.

"That's when I knew.. this wasn't going to work. So there you have it. my real reason. For ending it."

Brennan the stunner had been stunned into silence himself. He'd been proposed to a thousand times. And he'd heard undying love being expressed to him a million times. He should be used to this. He should be able to handle this. Why then is he still in freeze mode? Why cant he utter a single word?

He stood there, with his clenched fists buried deep into the pockets of his jacket, feet set apart, staring straight into Jesse's now dry eyes. His mind caught in the greatest turmoil of his life. Why?
Because this time, it involved his heart. Was a first wasn't it? No.. there had been a girl before.. but that was a long time ago. This was now.. this was Jesse.. Jesse.. Jesse.

"I didn't want this."
"You can leave now."

"Leave.. Brennan"

"I didn't ask for this."

"Yes you did. You wanted to know the real reason."

"No.. not this. not this."



"I know you didn't. Its okay Brennan. Its not your fault."


"Go sleep Brennan. We'll talk in the morning."

// Yes. We'll talk in the morning. We should. we should talk in the morning. //

Brennan slowly turned around, and walked out.



Shalimar woke up with a huge start. Realised it was Adam paging her on her comlink and immediately activated a communcation."Adam what is it?"

"The new safehouse. Its under siege!"

"Shit" Shalimar got out of bed and went to dress as Adam filled her in on the details. Or not.

"What happened?"

"Later. Get here fast as possible. I'm paging the others."

And the link was closed.

Within a minute, Mutant X was airbound towards the safehouse to counter the attack. It was fifteen minutes past four in the morning.

Two of the team hadn't been sleeping when they were paged.

"Odd hour for an attack don't you think?" That was Emma as she got her gun ready. Yes, they were going in with weapons this time.

"On the contrary," Adam explained, "this is a brillant time to attack. When the guards are worn out and sleepy.. someone must have tipped GSA off we were quite short on resources there. I guess the spy did manage to get across to the GSA..."

It was a huge setback that had now returned as a bigger catastrophe.

"So whats the plan?"

"Plan is simple. Brennan and Shalimar.. you pose the offensive.. attack them from the front entry. And get them to back off with minimal damage. Emma and Jesse.. you take the defense.. enter from the back entry which is still undiscovered. Get as many mutants out as you can. There are about fifty of them, including nine children. Right now, they've all obstinately decided to stay put and fight."

Adam tried to roll his eyes but couldn't. that's bcos he also respected the courage the mutants were showing in trying to protect not just themselves but the place that contained enough evidence to lead the GSA straight to the entire mutant underground. He continued..

"Once you've evacuated everyone, destroy all the evidence and then join Shalimar and Brennan to fight out the agents. Any questions?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Good. Be ready. We're about to land in 10 seconds."

Shalimar was puzzled and asked Brennan.

"How come he's always so accurate to the last second?"

"Beats me" Brennan shrugged. And then he remembered something that made him look straight at Jesse, fear gripping his heart.

// The subjugator serum! //

It was only 4.15 am. And the serum would not stop working till at least 5.30!!



Brennan hadn't meant to say that aloud. Jesse looked at him. He was quite aware of his lack of mutant abilities for the next one hour and twenty one minutes to be exact. That was the first thing he'd thought of the moment Adam paged him to get ready. He just sat there, his face a mask of rigid determination. He was ready.

He was also scared. And so was Brennan.

Brennan got up from his seat and was about to say something to Adam when Jesse got up too and looked straight at him. Very slightly so that no one else could see it, but very firmly, he shook his head to signal a negative of whatever it was Brennan was planning to do.

// No! Brennan we have to do this //

// How will you do it? You have no powers. Right now you're just an average guy! //

// Thanks to you butthead //

// Let me tell Adam, you're not going on this mission //

// Yes I am. Brennan don't tell Adam. Please //


Brennan was conflicted. He knew this could be a dangerous mission, they'd been told there were over seventy agents all over there. And they weren't going in with guns for nothing. Guilt and desperation was eating away at his heart and mind and he couldn't handle it. He just couldn't. And then he felt Jesse's hand on his. He turned around to look into the ravishing green eyes. Eyes filled with fear and anxiety.. and pain he now understood.. and love. Eyes that pleaded with him not to give him away, give them away. He couldn't bear it. Brennan squeezed back the hand, his brown eyes apologizing to Jesse since he was responsible for this mess in the first place. eyes that reassured him that he would support Jesse in his decision.. and that he would be there to cover him.


Touchdown. The safehouse was underground with only two ways in and out. The first one was covered by GSA agents and this is where Shalimar and Brennan had to get off. Before jumping out, Brennan looked at Jesse once more.

// Be safe.. be safe Jesse. //

And they were gone. The Double Helix in stealth mode rose again to go for the back entry a mile away. Reaching there, Adam wished them luck as Emma and Jesse jumped out to enter the tunnel which opened into the safe house.

4.19 am, Level 4

Jesse and Emma entered through the trap door that opened the deep tunnel which in turn led to the new safehouse. It was a real long journey since they were going down to the deepest level of the establishment. Finally they reached the place which looked like a bunker in a war, shelling and fighting could be heard from the levels above while people panicked here. The little ones were hiding behind furniture, which wouldn't be much defence if the agents did get down to this level. Jesse amd Emma started rounding up the people and getting them to leave the safehouse and into the aircraft stationed outside. Adam would fly them to another safe location. It was difficult convincing the wives to leave their husbands who were up on Level one fighting off the GSA. Emma had to use her convincing abilities on some, while on the mothers, it was enough to remind them they had kids to take care of. Soon they started filing into the aircraft and Adam flew off with them. He would deposit them at the stipulated location and return for others.

Jesse scavenged the level for any possible kind of links to the underground and destroyed all systematically.

4.21 am, Level 1

Meanwhile, Shalimar and Brennan had attacked the agents guarding the Genomex trucks who'd been lined up to transport the captive mutants in. They planned to capture only a few special ones and eliminate the rest, and keep the safehouse and all its contents for further leads.

Brennan let out huge bolts of electricity and exploded the trucks. A few agents were holding two mutants captive after having put the subdermal governors on them. Shalimar beat the shite out of them and Brennan short circuited the governors so they could rejoin the fight.

`Bull's eye!" He yelled as the last truck went up in gigantic flames and ran toward the tunnel entrance. Shal was busy kicking some GSA ass there. She called out to Brennan who'd joined her.

"So the combat training did come in handy after all yeh?"

"Oh yeh"

// God don't let anything happen to Jesse.. please.. //

4.28 am, Level 3

"Its locked from the other side. Jesse you need to open this door."

"Uhh no problem I'll just kick it down."

Emma was puzzled. Jesse had to break down two doors that would allow the mutants to escape quickly down to the fourth level. Emma used her convincing powers here as well to get the people out. This level was where Adam has set an emergency medical center which contained typical MutantX apparatus and few critical documents. Emma hated to see expensive lab instruments go waste.

"Whats the instruction? Don't we salvage anything at all?"

"No. We have to destroy everything."

And Jesse shot at a compressed oxygen cylinder causing a huge fire to erupt and tak everything in the lab with it. He rushed out and closed the big doors to the lab.

"This should stall it for some time."

"We have no time. Lets hurry."

And the two moved to Level 2.

4.30 am, Level 1

The agents just kept on coming. Shalimar hated guns. She refused to use them until absolutely necessary. Brennan didn't need one. He was faster at zapping electricity out of his hands. There were a few other mutants fighting the battle. Most were injured and two were dead. Of the ones still standing, one was an electromagnetic, one a chemical and a pyroknetic. A telekinetic lady was doing a lot of damage by hurling heavy objects at the swarm of agents storming the place. But it was literally a five on one battle. GSA had a large amount of backup ready and agents kept pouring in. The mutant warriors were wearing down.

"Brennan gotta destroy the evidence!"

"Am on it!"

And Brennan ignited the place. The fireworks could be seen from the sky where Adam was as he headed for the backdoor to pick the rest of the mutants. A Genomex dart almost embedded itself in his thigh.

Almost. He was pissed so he turned up the voltage. Two agents were fried together. Brennan never killed. He only knocked em unconscious or seriously impaired. Couldn't say the same about the agents though.

// Watch out for the bullets Jesse. be safe. For me //

4.40 am, Level 2

The agents had reached out to this level.

They had taken three mutants captive and put the governors on them, rendering them powerless. The moment they saw Jesse and Emma approaching, they opened fire. Emma ducked, so did Jesse. Emma for a moment wondered why he had to do so but she didn't have time to ponder over it too long. They had to crawl their way from behind cover in order to reach a strikable distance. And then Jesse pounced.

Emma used her telepathic powers to convince two of the agents that they were being strangled. They dropped their guns and went for their own throats. Emma rushed out and got the mutants away. She led them out and showed them the way to Level 4 from where they were to make
their escape. Jesse had grappled away the weapon from an agent and they now fought for dominance. The agent was strong and meanly built.

Without Jesse's powers, he wasn't able to duck all of the agent's skilled blows. A split lip only made him angrier. But when a punch landed right in his ribs, he was hugely inclined to double over. But he knew that would just open him for more attack. He sucked in the pain and kicked out. The kick landed straight between the agents legs and he howled. Jesse rained more blows until the agent was flat on his back. Jesse could hardly take a breather when he heard a click.
He turned and ducked just in time to escape a bullet.

// Damn guns! //

And he pulled out his own. He was going to need it after all. And he fired back.

Emma noticed the exchange from a corner of her eye.

// He ducked again. Whats wrong with Jesse? //

4.44 am, Level 1

The agents were backing out.

"Yehh! Run you cowards!" The pyrokinetic got carried away a bit.

But there were still some who continued to fight. And there were mutants who were dying. No one was being captured. The focus was on survival and elimination now.

The battle seemed to go on and on. And then a bullet whizzed right past Shalimar and wedged itself into the GSA agent she was fighting.

It had come from the opposite direction.. which meant there were agents further inside the building.

"Damnit! They've already infiltrated Level 2. We need to get in there!" Brennan was terribly agitated for his usual self.

"Brennan we gotta cut them off here first."

"Damn! Damn! Damn!"


Shalimar was concerned. But she didn't have time to be concerned.

Then Brennan had an idea. He called out to the mutants fighting at the entrance to somehow make it inside the tunnel entrance. When everyone including Shalimar was in with him, he asked the telekinetic lady to move up a Genomex vehicle right in front of the entrance. The lady did as she was told. Agents jumped out of the way as a GSA sedan flew twenty metres to reach the tunnel's mouth and wedged itself in there. An agent too slow to move in time got crushed under it too and created a gory mess.

"Oh God! Oh God!"

"No No Tasha don't lose it! We need this! We need you!"

Tasha got over her horror and kept the car moving until it was wedged properly. Then Brennan used his powers to create a circuitry of electricity between the tunnel walls and the car itself. Now, whoever tried to touch the car would get fatally zapped. Leaving the electromagnetic to maintain the current and the others to back up, Shalimar and Brennan headed towards Level 2.

// I'm coming Jesse. I'm coming! //

5.02 am, Level 2

Jesse was drenched with his own sweat as he strained for the slightest of sounds. Killing had not come easy to the members of MutantX but they had gradually come to accept it. Jesse could still
hear Adam's impassioned voice ringing in his ears.

// Its either them or you Jesse. Which would you'd rather have? //

And today, he'd scored two already. Of course, this had been expected. That's why Adam had sent them in with guns, something MutantX had never done before. Emma was using her powers of persuasion to get the agents to back off, but trouble is her mirage existed only so long as she willed it to. The moment she got distracted by an attack from a new direction the illusion would be
lost and the agents got back in the saddle. They had no choice, they had to keep them down one.. way or another.

Jesse was bang at the middle of a T-section of L2, behind a half broken gate. his only cover.. and with only one gun. One tunnel led out to Level 3, the other two went upto L2. And at both the ends stood GSA agents, with much more ammunition than he had, and comfortably shielded by walls. Jesse did not know how many agents there were on each end. Jesse did not know where Emma was and this bothered him even more. He switched on the comlink and whispered.

"Emma where are you? "

"I'm right here Jesse, at the exit door to L3. fighting agents trying to get to L3. I'd better guard this place. "

"Okay. Just keep in touch okay?"

"Will do."

And the bullets rained anew. Jesse could do nothing but lie flat on his stomach until the shooting stopped. The agents were clever.. they were timing the shootings to be together so that if one didn't get him, the other would if he tried to move from his place.

"Damn I hate guns!"

When the shooting stopped, he pondered on what to do. If he ran towards the third tunnel, he would lead the agents right upto Emma.

Ruled out. If he stayed, he'd surely get hit by one of their bullets and that wasn't acceptable either. Adam always said Jesse was his best defence. Hah. Right now he was totally incapable of defending himself, let alone anyone else.

// Thanks to Brennan Mulwray that bastard! //

// Oh yeh, the bastard you are in love with //

Jesse decided the only way was to wait until Emma had gotten rid of the agents at L3's door and make a run for it. Perhaps she could distract them using her abilities.

"Emma whats your status?"

"Clear. Jesse do you want me to come to you?"

"No! No! stay put. I'm gonna make a run for you okay?"

"Okay. Jess be careful."

"I will."

He heard shifting noise. The agents were communicating too and were closing in now. Oh shite. Oh shite. Where was the noise coming from? He craned towards the left tunnel since that's where the noise had some from.

Suddenly a hand snaked out from his right and caught his neck in a stranglehold. In the other hand, the agent had a subdermal governor gun.

"Ugh no you don't!"

Jesse gripped the hand that held the weapon with one while with he braced and drove the other elbow into the agent behind him. The man hollered and fell back. Jesse turned around to face his assailant and delivered a few knockout punches. The agent fought back trying to gun him with the governor but Jesse snatched it out of his hand and smashed it into a wall. Just when he was about to kick him in his shins, he heard a pop and a whizzing sound. Instinct told him he was being shot at, which direction he didn't know. He ducked and the bullet hit the agent right in his forhead and he dropped dead.

"Damnit! Damnit!"

Apparently, the agents had decided to take him prisoner. And if that didn't work, which it of course hadn't, they were back to the original plan to kill him.

// Make up your minds you dickheads! //

And Jesse heard more noises which indicated major movements at both ends. They were coming for him! He had no choice.

It was now or never.


5:14 am, Level 2

Brennan and Shalimar split up. There were two entrances to Level 2, Brennan took the left one and Shalimar took the right. They were immediately greeted with blood and gore and they saw some mutants and some GSA agents lying dead. They were obviously taking no prisoners at this level. The first band of agents was ready for Brennan as they had been informed by their mates outside. The moment Brennan came in sight, they opened fire. Only these weren't normal bullets, rather sedative darts .. that's much worse. Brennan the electrical was needed alive.

// Yeh right //

And he opened his own fire. zapping the entire metal door they were hiding behind.. electrocuting and dazing half the team. They wont be getting up anytime soon. The other half moved backwards and continued to fire. this time real bullets.

// Now that's more like it! //

Shalimar cleared her way through the tin men with minimal effort.

While some were too damn slow in reacting, others were simply too stunned by her feral beauty and agility to react at all. After the last agent went down, she moved further up the tunnel. And there, she saw four agents huddled behind a wall. looking at something or someone. who was further up at the end of the tunnel. Shalimar didn't have to strain too much to see and hear that it was Jesse trapped at the T-section between the tunnels and that these agents were about to
move in towards him.

And then they opened fire.

Brennan was riddled with anxiety as he reached the curve in the tunnel through which he could see two agents fast advancing upon the T-section just ahead. And what he saw caused him to feel rage like he'd never felt before. The agents were shooting at Jesse!

He switched on the comlink same time that Shalimar did to warn Jesse about the agents.

"Agents Jesse . be careful" That was Shalimar, who obviously did not know about his loss of mutancy.

"Jesse get out of there! Run towards the tunnel behind you!" That was Brennan.

And Jesse would have run, towards the third tunnel.. towards Emma, just as bullets rained on him from the two directions. But when he stood up to run, he saw Shalimar fighting the four agents, all four of them having two kinds of ammunition. While one was still shooting at Jesse, the other three were fighting her. And there was no way she could take all of them at such close range!

And Jesse ran towards the second tunnel instead, into the line of fire.

"Jesse no!"

Brennan panicked to see Jesse run in the wrong direction. Just then the one of the agents having heard his scream turned toward him while the second one continued to shoot at Jesse. With one hand he zapped the agent coming at him and with the other, he pulled out the gun he didn't wanna use and shot the guy shooting at Jesse.

Shot him dead.

Meanwhile, Jesse was running toward Shalimar, toward the shooter and as Shalimar noticed now.. without phasing out.

"Jesse phase!"



And the inevitable happened. A bullet caught and wedged itself in Jesse's right shoulder, just as he dived to knock the shooter off his feet. Shalimar knocked one agent unconscious and turned to the other two still stalking her. But her attention was on Jesse.

"Jesse you okay?"

"I'm fine" He grunted. "Never felt a bullet before."

He added as he grabbed hold of one of the agents, pulled off his helmet with his left injured arm and with the right, delivered a solid box to the nose. The agent didn't go down. He boxed him again, and again. He finally decided to faint and Jesse dropped him on his ass. Shalimar meanwhile took care of the other agent just as Brennan and Emma came rushing toward them.
They looked around for any more surprises but there were no GSA agents to deliver any. Emma ran toward a mutant who was really dead, to check his pulse. Shalimar turned to Jesse.

"Jesse you're hit."

Jesse wanted to sink to the floor but something came in the way. He looked up to see Brennan holding him into his lap, stroking his hair lovingly.

"You're okay Jesse."

And Jesse smiled. Shal and Emma were at his side in no time. And Shalimar brought up the big question. "Jesse why didn't you phase?"


Emma stayed quiet, not saying a word.

Shalimar was holding his head and kissing him but now she looked at him doubtfully.

"Oh Jess don't tell me you're still feeling the effects of the serum!"

Brennan and Jesse looked at one another, then Brennan spoke up.

"Hey we'll discuss this later, we gotta get out of here now."

Everyone agreed and Shal and Brennan helped Jesse up, who was getting weak from the blood loss. Everyone except Shalimar headed toward level 4's exit where Adam was waiting with the aircraft. Shal went back to get the mutants still blocking the front door and on their way back, they destroyed whatever property there was that could possibly lead GSA to the rest of the underground. They all got in and flew off. took one last surveillance of the region. Didn't look like
they had left any mutants or evidence behind. Once satisified, Adam headed for the other safehouse where they dropped the mutants who had been so very helpful in countering the siege.

When it was just the five of them, they flew towards the Sanctuary.

They were on their way to the Sanctuary when Adam turned his full attention to Jesse. He was sitting leaned up against Shal cos that's where she wanted him to be. He had been given first-aid and painkiller shots and the bleeding was under control. It was only on close examination that Adam realized the bullet was still inside.



"How the hell did you let a bullet get to you at all?"

Shalimar was voicing her concerns. "Adam I think he was not able to phase in time, something might be affecting his mutancy. You think the serum ..?"

She didn't notice Jesse closing his eyes and wishing he could wish this whole mess away. Now he owed an explanation to everybody and that might reveal what had transpired between him and Brennan earlier that night.. morning.

Brennan was sitting farthest possible from Jesse. He wasn't even looking at him.

"Jesse." , Adam, piqued by what Shalimar had just told him, "can you phase now.. so the bullet might come out? And keep your bandage on please!"

// Uh-oh //

All eyes were trained at Jesse, making him edgy. Brennan turned around to look too. He looked and felt like a convict awaiting sentence. His moment of justice had finally arrived. And tears welled up in eyes at the thought of the worst that could have happened, all because of his thoughtlessness.

// I'm so sorry Jesse. //

Jesse closed his eyes.. against the pain.. against the fear.. the helplessness.. against everything he thought was important to him, but wasn't. The only thing he'd wanted was what he couldn't have. And nothing else mattered. Not anymore.

And Jesse ghosted. The bullet fell with a clonk onto the floor.

Brennan blinked. He looked down at his watch and smiled. 5.27 am.

// Maybe not so accurate after all! // and he smiled at Jesse who smiled back.

"okay Jesse.. that's good. Now can you morph to solid form as well for me?"

Jesse did what he was told. Rock solid. Shal was surprised but also hugely relieved. Emma smiled reassuringly, and stayed quiet.

"oh Jesse you scared me for a moment there"

"ugghh! S-Sorry Shal.. but please.. can you not hug me so tight?"


Adam gave the verdict, "He seems fine to me. Maybe there were way too many bullets flying around to keep a count. It happens.. "

He patted Jesse's hand and got up.

Shalimar kissed his forehead. And Emma kissed his cheek.

"Oh come on girls! Stop fussing, its just a bullet hole."

Not that the girls were about to listen anyway. Jesse tuned out and looked at Brennan, who sat against the aircraft wall. one knee trapped between his hands, staring back at him. And he saw something in those brandy brown eyes he hadn't seen before.


So we come back from the mission and Jesse's gone off to sleep bcos of the drugs Adam gave him, on the flight back. I have to carry him to his room, and Shalimar wants to stay with him.. much to my chagrin. Who the hell she thinks she is.. his mother?

Oh I know I know.. she was in his life before me, and the bond between them.. its.. I cant explain it. And I respect it. All I know is, when she says she's staying.. she's staying.

I quietly close the door and turn around only to walk into Emma. And the look on her face tells me she knows everything now. She smiles at me sheepishly.

"In moments of crisis, people tend to let their mental shields down.

Jesse was kind of.. broadcasting all over the place. I couldn't help overhearing."


I try to walk past but she refuses to be ignored.



"You're broadcasting too."

"I'm broadcasting what?"

".. that you love him. That you. you want to be with him."

See why Emma had no friends growing up?

"Emma I really.. don't wanna talk about this."


"Okay" and she turns around to leave. Uh-oh.

"Hey wait a minute. You.. you're not gonna push this?"

"You want me to?"

"Hell yes!"

So okay I'm a jerk. Not too good with expressing emotions and all.. but talking to Emma .. have to admit.. it always helped. It puts things in perspective, and today she's helped me realize why Jesse's sudden aloofness was bothering me so much. Why I couldn't let go this time. Why the fear of something happening to Jesse had clawed at my entire being throughout the mission today. It was cos.. I love him too. I do.

So there you have it. The whole truth.. and nothing but the truth. How Brennan Mulwray fell in love! Again. Second time actually. The first time was. well.. lets just say, it didn't go so well.. what with the love of my life turning out to be so much the mad scientist only wanting to harness me as a source of free electricity.

So Not well that I couldn't trust anyone for a very very long time and I had sworn to all the Gods in the sky that I would never.. ever do it again. Never be in love again.

Forgive me Lord.

But love is too strong for me to fight anymore. Jesse. sweet Jesse.. his smile, his laughter.. his innocence, his blind faith in me.. too strong.

Yeh yeh I admit.. the kid aint just another lay no more. He is the owner of my heart, the temptation of my soul.. the life of my life.. yaddi yadda yadda. Not too good with mushy words am I.. ?.. thought as much.

Emma swears to keep our secret until we sort things out.. and tell Adam and Shalimar ourselves. We'll get to that.. eventually. Right now, I have to sort things out with Jesse himself. I need to tell him that I.. I love him too. That.. I want us to be.. oh what the hell..

I want us to be committed to each other. No daytime camouflages. No Ashley.. no Daniel(le), no one whatsoever. And this is when I mentally kick myself for sitting next to a telepath while musing privately.

"You know.. Danielle really is a girl.."


"I introduced them myself. She's the daughter of the genetics professor we met last month remember?"



"Doesn't matter. That's not my concern." And I am not just saying it.

Suddenly.. it really didn't matter.


"He was playing me wasn't he?"

"No he wasn't Brennan. Way I see it.. he was trying everything possible to discourage your interest in him. He was trying to fall out of love with you."

Yes I can understand that. Experience tells me the best way to keep a relationship from getting too sentimental is by not keeping it exclusive. Fidelity brings trust and strengthens bonds.

Infidelity snaps them in an instant.

Jealousy is something I didn't have much experience with, until recently. The thought of Jesse with anyone else, man or woman, was doing to me what it must have done to Jesse when he saw me leaving his bed to go to Ashley. Or even in the day, when I shamelessly enjoyed my near-celebrity status and he stuck to being as invisible as possible. Oh kid.

And he was only trying to keep things as uncomplicated between us as possible by not telling me about his real feelings. Unrequited love in the workplace. not too conducive when you need to be totally undistracted and when you need to trust each other with your lives! It occurs to me that Jesse never did bullshite me. All the reasons he gave me were truly true. Jesse. my sweet Jesse.

I get up.

"Where you going?"

"To Jesse. I cant let Shalimar hog him all day."

Emma giggles. The lady looks young and delicate.. but she has immense wisdom and strength of mind.. something I need to work on myself.

"Thanks Emma."

"No problem. Good luck." She winks at me.. and walks away. And I hear her in my head..

"And don't tell Shalimar you borrowed her shackles.. she'll be real pissed."

I laugh and head toward Jesse's room again.


One short of feeling.

One short of sanity. One short of any intelligence whatsoever. One moron. One dorko.

Whats my point? Nothing really.. I rant. I rant when I'm anxious, or excited, or in a huge hurry to get something done. And right now, I'm all of the above.

I need to tell Jesse I love him. I need to hold him, kiss him, dry off the tears I saw in his eyes this morning and didn't do a damn thing about. And I need to see him smile. To hear him say that he
forgives me for getting him almost killed. and that he still wants me.. still loves me.

Jesse loves me! And life is perfect.

I am smiling as I open the door to Jesse's chamber. He isn't sleeping. He's sitting with Shalimar.. they're sharing a joke or something and look up when I walk in. He's smiling at me. And he likes what he sees in my eyes too. I need to kiss those lips Right now. But something tells me, I need to get Shalimar out of the way first and that seems a very difficult task right now. Or is it?


"Yes Brennan."

Something in her voice.. in her smile..?

"Could you please gve us a minute?"

"What for? So you can put him in shackles again?" And she's holding up the rings in one hand as Jesse blushes furiously beside her. I left them there in plain sight. bumbling idiot that I am.

"Get lost you!" Jesse is screaming pleasantly at her.

She laughs and gets up. She kisses him on the head while he pretends to get annoyed even as he laughs. Then she turns to me and gives me a mock stern look. She doesn't seem so pissed I stole her shackles after all does she?

She walks to the door and calls out behind her, "Breakfast at eight boys."

And she's gone. I turn to Jesse.

"You think we can make it for breakfast kid?"

He's glowing. I think I have seen that look of sheer happiness on his face before. And I'm proud to report I was responsible for it then as well.

"I doubt it."

"So do I."

Yep. Life is definitely. perfect.

. END .