Title: Jesse

Author: Littlevera

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~~ Jesse~~

by Little Vera

Brennan almost lost Jesse.

In the space of a single necessary breath and the sound of a gun firing.

A sound he hears everywhere now. Torment he wants to hold onto and banish from his mind at the same time. Brennan knocks on the door tiredly. It opens immediately, his reprieve from the movie in his mind, to his reality.


Across the threshold in worn sweats and a white T-shirt as if heís just finished a work out.

The sweats are low on his hips, the T-shirt worn. He knows what Brennan likes.

Most of all his chest rises and falls with.



Face serene, like he knows Brennan needs this moment just to look.

Brennan takes Jesseís next breath; his mouth locked over Jesseís even as he kicks the door shut behind him.

Spins Jesse around and pushes him up against it before he plasters himself to his body.

Heís already hard.

Knows Jesse will be too and the thought makes him push the sweats down, ripping them in his eagerness. Brennan runs a hand over the curve of Jesseís hips, along the dip there to his cock.

He sighs, nuzzles against Jesseís neck as he spreads pre-cum along the length in his hand. Long and hard, Jesse whimpers on the next stroke of his fingers.

Itís the best kind of alive.

Inside Brennan, need curls.

Itís an inferno and he wants to dive into it. In this room he can.

Smooth skin. Hard muscle beneath that belongs to him here.

His duster falls to the floor, and he tugs at the snap of his jeans to free his cock.

Cool air that takes the edge off a bit.

Jesse hasnít moved. Wonít, not until Brennan allows it. Brennan doesnít yet.

"Off..." Brennan tugs at the T-shirt, and itís awkward and too fucking slow to get rid of it.

But then itís gone and thereís this expanse of pale skin, all his.

To touch and to taste.

Brennan does both even if a kiss at the nape of Jesseís neck is all he allows himself.

Jesse leans his forehead against the door.


Carefully Brennan places his hands on Jesseís hips, presses down and watches as Jesseís skin is painted in his fingertips. Splotched and red.

Blood there. Alive.

He can have Jesse now, like this. A freeing thought that sends Brennan closer to the edge.

He presses against the length of Jesseís body again, blankets him completely like Jesse tried to do for him. The movie snaps on his head again and Brennan latches onto the clean line of Jesseís neck, sucks there until the skin is dark, until the movie stops.

A whimper reaches him and itís so fucking good, and thereís so much more.

He wants to make Jesse scream.

One stroke, and then another before Brennan orders,

"Come for me."

A low growl in Jesseís ear and thatís all it takes as he comes over Brennanís fingers.


Still now.

A haggard breath, and then another.

Both of them.

Brennan turns Jesse around to face him.

Looks at the body as he leans against the door. The come drying around his groin, the cock in a thatch of curls. Brennan eyes drift along Jesseís chest.

To his heart.

A soft breath this time that makes Brennan reach out for Jesse, places a hand over his heart and feels the next heartbeat.

Jesse puts a hand over his, keeps it there.

He knows Brennan only does this when he needs to feel. Needs Jesse. When Mutant X becomes a little too much to handle.

Brennan runs the tip of his fingers across the red, red lips, while his hand remains on Jesseís heart. Pushes in, until he can feel the swipe of silk against the tip. And then a nip. A small sharp pain that courses through him.

Itís good. Itís alive.

"Get on the bed."

Jesse nods and pushes himself off the door.

Walks to the bed, and settles himself in the middle, his hands locked behind his head.

One leg folded, the other left flat because he knows that Brennan likes to watch too. To see Jesse waiting for him. Wanting him.

And Jesse watches in return, just like Brennan wants. Brennan strips off his vest, toes off his shoes and then slides the jeans off.

Relishes the want in those blue eyes. The storm there that is his making.

Blue that burns as Brennan crawls up from the foot of the bed. A trail of kisses along the sensitive skin of his inner thigh makes Jesse tremble for him and his hands settle on Brennanís head urging him onward.

Brennan is happy to oblige, takes Jesse in, hard again, heavy in his mouth.

Flavor bursting against his tongue and Brennan needs more...more...more...


Jesse spreads himself wide and presses down hard this time on the back of Brennanís neck.

Brennan sucks harder, knows exactly what it takes to bring Jesse close...but stops just short.

He wants to fuck Jesse. Encase himself in Jesse and never leave.

An obscene slurp as he lets Jesseís cock go and continues his journey. Settles briefly against Jesseís heart where the steady beat makes him harder.

The movie starts again...a breath and a bullet...a sickening thud and...

A gasp this time when Brennan locks on to a nipple, teases the bud until itís red and tender.

Jesse moves, bucks up against him, his cock brushing against Brennanís. Brennan encourages it, bites and earns a whimper for his onslaught.

A breath before Jesse says,


Brennanís fingers are suddenly slick and he doesnít have to think, thank God.

He knows this, knows two fingers wonít be enough but itís all he has the strength for because he needs Jesse, needs to be in him, fucking him.

Needs to make Jesse his and heels are digging into the small of his back. Feeling that brings Brennan back to himself, back to see Jesse, lips in a thin line, and he wants to make Jesse scream, wants to hear it so heíll stop hearing a bullet being fired.

So Brennan thrusts harder, slap of sweat slicked skin that echoes in this room, his fingers pinch Jesseís nipple before Brennan closes over his cock and strokes him. Knows itís too soon, too hard, but he gets what he wants.

Jesse comes for him.

Screams his name.


Sanctuary is quiet. He waves to Adam in the lab as he passes by and runs into Shalimar as he heads up to his room.

"There you are," she says. Smirks too like she knows where heís been.

"Hey Shal," Brennan smirks right back, knows how to play this game like the old pro that he is. Normal.

Far away from the warm body, in the small apartment on the other side of town that screams his name everytime like it means something.

"Howís the patient?"

Shalimar rolls her eyes. Sighs. Even she has her limits and Jesse as they all know is not the easiest of patients.

"Rude, annoying, ungrateful and he insists on getting out of bed...typical," she shrugs.

"Well, Iíll take over tomorrow," he offers. "That way you and Emma can have a night off."

"Weíll take you up on that offer," Shalimar says. They jog up the stairs together.

"So how was the date? Must have been good because you flew out of here earlier."

He leans forward, knows just how much to give so itís normal.

So they wonít pry.

"Very hot."

"Really..." She leans forward.

"Yeah," he nods, pauses just enough before he continues.

"And thatís all Iím saying."

Shalimar snorts and rolls her eyes for good measure.

Brennan grins, turns and almost makes it to his room when he hears a petulant,


Brennan pushes Jesseís door open. Heís sitting on the edge of the bed, Emma looming above him, supplies set out neatly to one side.


Blue eyes smile at him in relief.


Sweetly begging Brennan canít resist. Emma shoots him an exasperated look.

"Heís all yours, Brennan."

Jesse sighs as the door closes behind her.

Brennan thinks of the room again, of the scent of sex in the air and the taste of Jesse on his fingers. Compares it to this one - light, bright with Jesse, his friend, a patch of white on his shoulder.

"Brennan...thank God," he murmurs. "Those two are driving me crazy!"

Brennan just laughs and pulls a chair in front of Jesse. Begins to remove his dressing.

Bright eyes, his friend, claim his.

"So how was the hot date?"

"Good," Brennan drawls in just the right way and Jesse grins right back.

His friend.

Brennan thinks of the room again, the money on the dresser, the shapeshifter he left curled in sheets stained with semen and sweat.

The only Jesse he can have.