Title : Homecoming

Author: Littlevera

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Pairing: B/J - NC-17

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Author notes: Thanks to Elizabeth and Thalia for killer beta duties!

Summary: Jesse comes home....


by Little Vera

Brennan hates Jesse like this.

Hates the shirt thatís ripped, the jacket slung over his lap that hasnít fared any better. Hates that his voice is just so damned tired.

"His sister...thatís why Jamie agreed to help Connor rob the banks..."

Case. Right.

Brennan drags himself back to the present. Thereís a part of him that appreciates Connorís plan. Simple, it exploits the right weakness. Until they got wind of the bank robberies and the Ghost.

"How did you convince Jamie to trust you, though?" Shalimar asks from the controls.

"I went with him to get Rebecca," Jesse says, as if hopping a plane to fucking Zurich is an everyday occurrence. Suddenly gone, Brennan had been frantic until they had received word of a drop off at a safe house and got Rebeccaís message. A somewhat smitten fourteen-year old redhead, but it wasnít like Brennan couldnít understand that. Even if he was torn between killing Jesse and hugging him.

"I promised him she would be safe," Jesse says. And Jamie trusted him, which Brennan understands. Jesse inspires it in people, trust, while Brennan knows he will keep searching for the hidden angle even when heís knee deep in all the shit he used to pull. He glances around the Double Helix...Adam, Shal, Emma and Jesse...heís learning this trust thing though.

"Theyíll be moved out tomorrow," Adam says. "They will be safe, Jess."

Jesse nods.

"The police just found Connor in the vault," Emma reports from her station where sheís been monitoring the police channels. She frowns as she listens further.

"Adam, thereís a request for a psych consult...Connorís apparently going on about invisible people."

Adam frowns before he turns to the comm station,

"I think itís time Ronnie stepped in," he says. "Just in case."

Ronnie, a telepath, on retainer with the police department.

"But he hasnít got any proof right?" Shalimar muses. "I mean Brennan fried the security tapes and there are no witnesses. Everything should be okay."

Yeah, but Jesse, Brennan thinks. Loose ends they might have missed and it just couldnít hurt...especially since Jesse was the one on those security tapes.

"Just in case," Adam throws over his shoulder.

Shalimarís intent in the controls and Emmaís got the headset back on. Brennan turns to Jesse, to this distance between them.


He stalks Jesse through the hangar and into Sanctuary,stopping only when Jesse jogs up the stairs to his room.

Heís here.

"Goodnight, Brennan," Shalimar teases. Only then does Brennan realize his feet are already on the first step, his body tied to Jesseís even when common sense is telling him to behave.

"íNight, Shal" he replies and takes the stairs two at a time. Sometimes common sense is highly over -rated.

"Twenty bucks says he jumps Jesse as soon as the door closes..."

Their voices drift up to him.

"Please, thatís a sucker bet." Emma, laughing out loud.

Brennan just grins.

Jesseís waiting.

The room is dark while light pools in the doorway of the bathroom. The sound of the shower running just beyond. Clothes, all black, lie discarded on the floor. Brennan follows the trail. He picks up the shirt, takes a breath. Here in the darkness he allows it to be one of relief. Jesse is safe. Brennan shrugs out of his jacket, discards it with the shirt on the desk.

Clear glass, Jesse beyond, under the spray. Staccato beat of the water against the glass, accompaniment as Brennan strips. He watches the compact body under the spray, the hair slicked back, the rivulets along the line of his neck. Jesse doesnít move, not until Brennan opens the door and steps in with him. Dull eyes despite the heat of the water, the steam weaving around him. Hands clutch at the back of Brennanís neck, pull him down to a mouth that isnít kind. Brennan goes with it, with the harshness, until Jesse breaks the kiss and pushes him completely under the spray. Strong hand encircles his neck, forces his head to fall back completely. Water thunders around him, in his eyes, his mouth, and Brennan knows his pulse is racing. Wonders if Jesse can feel it under his hand. Wonders if he knows itís for him.

Brennanís hands know Jesseís body well. They settle at the curve of Jesseís hips before Brennan pulls him close, jolts out of the spray when he feels the hardness against his own. Jesse, unbearably close now.

He can touch. Take.

Belated realization after doing without for so long.

Brennan surges against Jesse, pushes him back against the warmed tile. Small satisfaction that Jesseís breath is harsh, before he presses his mouth to Jesseís, takes his breath as if itís his own.

Tastes Jesse.

Lets himself catalogue it for the next time.

Of something bitter and something sharp...goes deeper until he tastes what he knows is Jesse. Broad hands rove along his body, demanding, clutching at his shoulders, but Brennan ignores them. This is his show. Goes slow just because itís not what Jesse wants, because he wants Jesse to hurt just a little for leaving him. Itís like this every time.

Slow kisses, deep until Jesseís lips are red, bruised. Painted perfectly red, theyíre Brennanís signature. He loves Jesseís lips, lips that he can spend hours just *kissing*, mapping every contour and then do it all over again.

Along the curve of his jaw to the spot just beneath his ear that makes Jesse jerk against him. Brennan feels a hand thread through his hair, pushing him down.


Canvas of pale skin thats his to mark, ignores the gasp until heís ready. Skin bruised, livid that Brennan laps at.

Hand around his cock brings him back.

Owner and owned.

Presses into it, imagines Jesse molecular, imagines Jesse seeping into him so it wonít hurt so much when heís away. But heíll settle for this too. Tongue fiery against his, leg hooking around his, keeping him close. Slow slide of skin on skin, kisses that mimic each thrust against his body, orgasm like an energy bolt that rips him apart.


Affirmation. Adrenaline, it doesnít matter. Still the same after assignments like these. Weeks apart, longer than before with only an afternoon of setting a trap to drink Brennan in. Brennan and Adam with the perfect bait to deposit at the bank Ė diamonds. Brennan there briefly and Jesse just about managing to stay focused.

Now, Brennan absolutely *everywhere*, hands petting and soothing. The ghost of a kiss at the bruised skin on his shoulder before he walks out just as the water gets cold. Dries off quickly without waiting for Brennan. Pads into his bedroom, slides into bed but sleeps only when Brennan joins him.

Three a.m. and Jesseís wired still. Sleep is impossible so he does the next best thing. Watches Brennan sleep. Proud that it takes at least an hour before Brennan's instincts kick in and he realizes heís being watched.


Soft and sleepy, Brennan tastes like that too. Slow invasion of his mouth, swiping at his lips until Brennanís completely awake, until Jesse lets himself be rolled over. Arousal, sharp and welcome as Brennan settle between his legs.

Kisses that are a luxury and hunger that just about beginning to abate. Brennan courses through and over him. Too close.

"Wait..." Jesse says. He scrabbles underneath the pillows, but all he finds is a handful of sheets.

"I cleaned up," Brennan chuckles low. He reaches for the bedside drawer and yanks it open. Searches through loudly and leans over further when he doesnít find anything. His left arm right there, and lube or not, Jesse canít resist. He sits up and places a kiss on the tattoo there. Earns a shudder for his effort, and when Brennanís eyes drift shut, bites.


Dark eyes wide open now smile at him. He flops back down to the pillows.

"You taste good," Jesse whispers and Brennan blushes. Always does like this, as if anything said between them is just the sex talking. Jesse doesnít mind working to make him believe. Brennan leans down to kiss and Jesse says against his mouth.

"Fuck me. Hard."

Acquiescence in his kiss, Brennan draws back and leaves him the choice. Jesse gives him his back, his cheek pressed against the sheets.

Shivers when Brennan kisses his way along his spine, to the curve of his ass. Long gasp when he feels Brennan's tongue invade him. Forehead pressed against the sheets now, Jesseís afraid he might just fade away like this.

Split apart, molecular, just to feel.



Jesse says the name out loud now, wants to say it again but it gets mangled when long fingers enter him. He moves, has to, into the long burn radiating through his body. Sweeter since itís been too long. Rides the fingers, that feeling until he comes back to himself with Brennanís bites along the nape of his neck.

Sharp bite before Brennanís fingers leave him, fire when Brennan pushes in. Too slow, so Jesse pushes back until Brennanís all the way in. Long stripe of his tongue against Jesseís cheek makes him turn. Tongue fucks his mouth like Brennanís doing his ass. Nothing to feel but Brennan. Wants to reach for his cock, but doesnít because the hungerís sharper like this. Long, inexorable thrust that Jesse thinks might last forever. Desperately wants it too.

Again, and Jesseís frantic because itís so good, and he wants it all now. An arm snakes along his waist and he obeys, moves with it, aaginst Brennan. Reaches up to clutch at Brennanís neck desperately when he moves again. Breath hot against his ear. Rasp of stubble thats good too.

"Jesse...let me see you..." Brennan breathes rough against his ear. "Please, let me see you like this..."

Jesse nods, just once before Brennan eases out of him. Settles at the head of the bed against pillows and beckons for him.

"Like this..." Brennan whispers and the need there makes Jesse tremble.

Kisses again, Jesse fucking that mouth now, while Brennanís fingers skim over his cleft.

So fucking careful. He pushes the hand away, takes Brennan...in...again.

"God..." Brennan hisses, fingers digging into his back while they share this burn.


The rest is lost when he moves and then Jesse is lost too, existence narrowed to Brennan ...in...him.

"Jesse..." Brennan says reverently, his hands tight on his hips as Jesse slams down onto him.

"Yeah..." Jesse manages a wicked smile before he dives for Brennanís mouth, invades it like Brennan does his body at itís the sweetest union there. Long fingers around his cock and...just stroke.

Heís going to come, it threatens now, lays over them both and when Brennan gasps against his mouth Jesse takes it and thinks, "Beautiful."

He thinks he might have said that out loud, because Brennan smiles almost shyly. Like a first date or a first something and itís *his*.

Stroke like steel, inescapable, the best prison ever.

Surges up against him, ruthless, and Jesse comes like a thunderstorm that breaks on a hot summer afternoon. Slow kisses like the balm of cool rain on hot skin.

"So...did you miss me?"

And Brennan laughs.