Just a tiny little scene, supposed to be part of a longer story but I got hijacked by other ideas and this one ain't going anywhere. SO I thought I'd share it, just 'cause it's kinda cute, and send out a warning as well: beware, for there's a whole hell of a lot of Jeremiah slash on the way. *veg* I am SO loving this show!

Darth Jeremiah addict

Title: Convergence

Author: Sithkitten (

Archive: not yet, please... not entirely sure where this one fits in

Warnings: none. far too short to require a warning at all.

Jeremiah ran a hand across his jaw. "Told you it makes my face raw," he muttered, then smiled anyway. He wondered how long it would take Markus to notice.

Not very. Markus noticed as soon as he walked into the room. Jeremiah saw his eyes widen, then jerk away quickly. But all through the meeting, Markus's eyes kept straying to Jeremiah, for all that he tried to hide it.

Finally it was over. Jeremiah rose to leave with the other scouts, but was stopped by Markus.

"Jeremiah? If you'd stay a moment, please?"

Kurdy shot him a puzzled look. Jeremiah shrugged and made a "How should I know?" face. "Yeah, whatever, Markus."

He turned back into the room. Kurdy shook his head and left. "Something you wanted?"

"Close the door, would you? As long as you're over there anyway."

"Sure thing." Jeremiah shut the door. He heard Markus moving around. "What did you want, anyway?"

"Nothing, really. Just..."

Jeremiah turned, to find Markus right behind him. "Just what?"

"You should have warned me."

"Warned you about what?" A smile teased at the corners of Jeremiah's mouth.

"This," Markus said, almost, but not quite, touching Jeremiah's face. "You shaved."

"And that requires a warning?" Jeremiah was enjoying this. *Come on, you pain in the ass, come on and tell me again how much you don't give a shit about me...*

"Yes, it does," Markus nodded. "Because I could scarcely attend to business, with you sitting there looking-"

"Looking what, Markus?" Jeremiah grinned. This was even more fun than he'd anticipated.

"Never mind."

"Bullshit, never mind," Jeremiah said. "I ain't taking no never mind for an answer. Looking what? Like a rat chewed my face off?"

"No," Markus protested. "No, not at all! Looking good."

"You like this, huh?" Jeremiah ran his fingers along his jaw, watching the look in Markus's eyes. This was definitely worth the discomfort and irritation of shaving after so long of not doing it. "But I'm not sure I like it. Makes my face raw, just like I told you before. This'll probably be the last time I shave for quite a while."


Jeremiah laughed. "What do you care, anyway, Markus? Not like it's your face."

Markus sighed. "Oh, would you just get out of here? Lee's going to think you've run out on us already, or something."

"You got it," Jeremiah grinned, then walked out the door.