Title: Soft

Author: Mandy Green

Fandom: Andromeda

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Tyr/Trance

Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. I don’t have room for Tyr anyway.

Notes: Woof! Where the hell did this come from?

Summary: Shameless PWP. The sex, the whole sex and nothing but the sex…


By Mandy Green

Her skin isn’t as soft as it looks. He’s noticed before that there’s a trace of sparkle under the purple and wonders how skin can look so metallic. Her lips are soft though. Soft and sweet and she falls back on the bed. His bed.

She looks debauched already: naked and wanton, her tail curling around her leg as she leans back on her elbows and grins up at her dark knight. They’ve been here before, many times, but there’s still that rush of adrenaline, the heat and want…

He pushes her legs roughly apart and kneels over her, drinking in the anticipation in her eyes. He knows that she knows that the roughness is a façade, that he won’t hurt her, that his pleasure is heightened when hers is.

A kiss. Not a gentle kiss, a hard greedy kiss. Tongues and moans and a battle for dominance. A battle he always wins. He has her pinned now, her breath moving quickly between her wet lips and his eyes are drawn to her chest. He slips down, making sure to keep their skin in contact.

A gasp as he takes one indigo nipple in his mouth. It tastes like lightly salted fruit and hardens under his tongue. He sucks slowly and smiles around it as he hears her whimper. Her legs wrap and unwrap around him restlessly and her tail glides down his back, unexpected touches in intimate places. He has learned to enjoy her unique physiology, just as she has learned how to enjoy his.

Her fingers slip between his bone blades and he shivers. That place is only ever touched during mating. The bracers he wears out of bed ensure that the skin there is untouched and remains sensitive. He hardens quickly against her thigh and tugs harder with his mouth.

He slips one hand down between them to tease at her opening. She’s wet, but still too small for what will happen later. He dips two fingers briefly into her and rubs the wetness into her other nipple. She arches under his touch, like a circuit has been completed: her nipple, his mouth, his hand, her nipple. It creates a feedback loop and she moans low and deep as the sensations build.

He’s squeezing and sucking and he shifts so his other hand can explore the wetness between her spread legs. He pushes a finger in, then two and rubs the spongy flesh that is her species’ version of a clitoris.

Suck, squeeze, push, rub. He’s doing everything harder now and he can feel her begin to open under him. Her body isn’t designed to accommodate anything close to the girth of a normal human penis, but it will take even him, given the right preparation.

Her moans are constant now and he feels it begin. Slow lazy ripples through her body. He feels wetness cover his palm and his hand slips deeper. She relaxes and lies smiling at him.

He lifts his head from her breast and looks down at her. She nods and he surges up the bed, familiarity with this act leading him unerringly to lodge the tip of himself inside her. Her gasp is of pleasure and his is relief as he finally sinks so slowly into his goal. She is so hot and tight around him, his control is strained to the limit.

Each slow thrust takes him deeper into that heat, each thrust is slightly harder than the one before, each thrust forces a gasp or a moan or a breathy cry from her. Each thrust is another step closer to heaven for him, for her, for them.

One large hand grips her hip as he pulls himself up onto his knees. He is lodged deeply inside her now and he watches himself slide in and out so torturously slow. He brings his other hand down to touch where they’re joined and she shivers and pushes towards him. He touches again and finds that sensitive patch of skin.

Thrust, rub, thrust, rub. He feels her start to ripple again. This time though it won’t stop, this time there is something to grip, something thick and hard and unyielding for the waves of her pleasure to crash against. It almost hurts, the way her body batters against him. She’s lost in the moment, screaming and crying and fighting to force him deeper. So he presses her down on the bed and takes what he wants.

Hard and fast and she’s still shaking and screaming and her nails are scratching his back and her teeth are marking his chest and her legs and tail beat against him and suddenly her eyes roll back and she stops.

Two, three hard thrusts into her limp body and he’s done too. Jetting his seed deep inside her, where nothing of his will grow. He slides out and sinks down beside her, waiting for her to wake.

Quiet moments and then her eyes open. He smiles down at her and she smiles back.

A whisper from that soft mouth, "Hee Haw!"

The End

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